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Sick Corn Snake

Discussion in 'Herp Health' started by staycbutterfly, Mar 16, 2007.

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  1. staycbutterfly

    staycbutterfly New Member

    Hi everyone! I have a cornsnake (she is about 6 years old) who is sick. She has been sitting with her mouth open very often over the past few days. She also looked like she was having some difficulty breathing. We took her to our vet, got x-rays, etc. and there is apparently nothing wrong with her lungs. She is not foaming or bubbling around her mouth or nostrils and her lungs are full of air. She was put on antibiotics, which she has now been on for 4 days. We have been noticing that she is very lethargic, and at times, looks like she is seizing (weird, erratic head movements, rubbing her head on her body or on the tank, etc.). Then she just goes back to being normal. (Right now she is soaking in her water bowl.) She almost looks like she is yawning when she opens her mouth, and at times it looks like her jaws are not lining up correctly, but then they go back to normal. Sorry that this is so long, but we are all (us and the vet) at a loss for what could be going on, and we don't want to lose her!!! HELP!!
  2. venus

    venus Founding Member

    Thats weird, some of those symptons sound like an upper respiratory infection. If thats the case, I wouldnt let her soak and I would up her temps a bit. It takes a few days for the antibiotics to work.
  3. goldrockin_froggie

    goldrockin_froggie Well Established Member

    no substate impact? Temps ok? sound almost like nerve damage, i had ayoung boa and was advised to feed it pieces of heated up chicken, that killed it, won't do that again, the symptoms are the same with the head rubbing and lathargic. don't know what to tell you though, sometimes you can't do anything, Hope all goes well.
  4. staycbutterfly

    staycbutterfly New Member

    We know she's not impacted because she did go as soon as we put her back in the cage after the vet visit. She hasn't eaten in about 2-3 months, either, which I forgot to mention before. She does slow down on her mouse consumption in the winter, but that is a little scary! We did up the temp, moved her to a warmer part of the house, etc. We will keep up with the anitbiotics, and will be checking in with the vet on Monday to update her. Thanks for the advice so far!
  5. DarkMagician207

    DarkMagician207 Elite Member

    wow that does sound scary. i'm not sure what it would be since i've never experienced something like that before with mine. hope the meds start to kick in soon and everything works out. good luck.
  6. Lyn

    Lyn Elite Member

    Wow...I hope the antibiotics work for her...give it a couple more days... keep us updated....
  7. cariba31

    cariba31 Active Member

    good luck, hope the medicines work well!!!
  8. kritrdr

    kritrdr Member

    what meds is your snake on?
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