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Seems to Want Food but Not Bitting

Discussion in 'Boas *General*' started by joey666, Nov 25, 2012.

  1. joey666

    joey666 Member

    My dwarf boa seems to want the food but not striking at it.last weeks food was the same story so I left him in the container with it for half an hour and he eventually ate but this week I tryed again then put him in the container but he wouldn't eat?any ideas anyone I thought maybe he was fed live before I got him.any help would be apricated thanks
  2. Wyldrose

    Wyldrose Elite Member

    How long are you leaving him in the container with the food and how often are you checking him? Some snakes are shy eaters, I have some snakes I have never seen eat. I have a couple hatchlings that had to stay over night in the feeding tub to eat.

    If he ate a frozen thawed last week I would keep him on it.

    What are the temps like in his enclosure, one big factor for getting them to eat is proper temps.

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