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Second Snake!!

Discussion in 'Hog Island Boas' started by FrankieSnakes, Jan 18, 2014.

  1. FrankieSnakes

    FrankieSnakes Member

    So I just came back from the northwest reptile expo. Holy cow was that place heaven. So many different snakes and pythons and boas and I just about died. Anyhow, I picked up a hypo/ sunset hog boa. Apparently male, and I forgot to ask the age which was silly of me. He is 80% hog and will apparently get about 4-5 feet. I've researched them a ton before hand, and this little guy is crazy different from any hypo boa I've seen. He has gorgeous dark markings on his head and little black dapples around his eyes, and he has an orange stripe down his tail instead of rings. He's in a 4x2x2 tank full of cypress mulch with a blanket on top and a 150 watt bulb and a heat mat. Its 86 on the hot side and I think 80 or less on the cold side? The humidity is 70% that too much for a hog? If so, should I just take some water out of the water bowl to make it less humid? Or are there other ideas? Also he's 2 feet right now so...any ideas on age? He looks pretty young and is still a bit nippy. I'll post pictures in a bit. I named him Percy!
  2. FrankieSnakes

    FrankieSnakes Member

  3. NoahGotHerpsDewd

    NoahGotHerpsDewd Well-Known Member

    Hey FrankieSnakes, first of all I gotta say that Percy is gorgeous man. Love the stripe on her tail that the sunset gives her. I will say that I have been experimenting with spraying my Hypo Hoggs enclosure the last few days, and getting the humidity to sit right is a tad tricky but I think I have almost got it. I mist 2-3 times a day typically, and the ambient humidity on the hot end will fluctuate between 40% before, to sometimes 75% 80% percent after a misting. I try not to break 65 70% after a misting because the recommendation is between 40%-60%, but I feel as long as you have a clean and sanitary tank breaking that for a short period of time cannot hurt the animal. As many people know snakes can tend to not be too avid of drinkers, so I believe a good misting of the cage when needed is a very helpful to Percy! Now please know I am not an expert I have but had my Hogg for almost a month, but a very good portion of my time spent at home in the last month has been dedicated to getting her properly set up in her new home. I have my girl in a 20 long right now as she is still under a year and well under 2 ft. I have a screen lid with a piece of finished wood that used to be a shelf on a desk ontop to help hold humidity in. as well as I have the tank in a corner so 2 sides are covered by the wall and i cover up the other shorter side by draping a shirt or 2 over to help her feel more secure, as well as block a bit more humidity in over the side her water bowl is on. DOGGY BOWLS :) :) :) love em. there round, large, and hard to knock over. I bought a thick plastic one and it is not only plenty large for a 20 gallon, but helps hold humidity in great! (and it was only 7 bucks at the pet store!) I will post some pics today when I get home of her enclosure so you can see what I have. I also use Eco Earth coconut substrate in her cage, and I am not worried about her eating any/getting any sort of compaction, as I feed her in a separate container which she has already become very accustomed too. If you have any other questions feel free to ask man. Thanks for readin!
  4. EriksExotics

    EriksExotics Elite Member

    No way to tell age unfortunately :/ The only way to tell is to get a hold of the breeder and ask. 70% humidity is fine. Temps need to be adjusted. You need the hot side to be around 90°. Keep humidity 60% or more at all times.

    Don't feed outside of the cage as previously suggested. It will stress Percy out and he won't get impacted from Cypress Mulch if you make sure the rat you're feeding is very dry.

    If you think this show was heaven, just wait until the show in august! There's usually a lot of good stuff at the August expos.
  5. NoahGotHerpsDewd

    NoahGotHerpsDewd Well-Known Member

    why do you say it will stress the boa? i feed pretty girl in a seperate rubbermaid with paper towels at the bottom an holes cut in the lid, and it seems as she has taken quite a liking to being put in her feeding container. is this your personal experience that it causes stress? where you told this? also Erik i am taking pictures of her and her enclosure now and i will message you link to the thread i post.
  6. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    The decision whether or not to feed outside the tank is a personal one and there is no indication that it will stress the snake!
    I, as well as many others have taken snakes out of the enclosure to feed for many years...
  7. EriksExotics

    EriksExotics Elite Member

    Still not a bright idea when the snake is 6-10' in length. Boas have strong feeding responses which can potentially become dangerous for the owner.
    Something to consider when it comes to medium to large sized animals.
    Just my opinion.
  8. EriksExotics

    EriksExotics Elite Member

    I've done so with my Ball Python and he seemed stressed until I fed inside of his enclosure. It's possible that that was unrelated to him being stressed but that's one reason I don't feed outside of the enclosure. Plus snakes would generally prefer to be left alone as much as possible so I just like to give them a rat and let them digest. Depends on the individual I'm sure but in my experience it was kind of stressful for my snake

    I understand doing it in your situation because of impaction but cypress mulch is fine. It's just more work for the same result imo
  9. NoahGotHerpsDewd

    NoahGotHerpsDewd Well-Known Member

    As have I done so with my ball for years! But because of the reputation I had heard about juvie Boas (this being said Pretty girl was quite the opposite, not the slightest bit head shy or jumpy), I started feeding outside of her enclosure to get her comfortable with me reaching in and out of her tank, and I give my f/t a pretty good dip in water before she eats it and because of the Eco Earth I don't want to risk ANY chance of impaction with her. And as I do pick her up to put her in her feeding tub, I NEVER pick her up or touch her after feed. I always put the tub in her tank, give it a little tilt and let her crawl out on her own into her hide.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Sorry it took me so long to reply! lol. I have been so busy lately with work.

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