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Scorpion Sting

Discussion in 'Arachnids General' started by venus, Sep 18, 2004.

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  1. venus

    venus Founding Member

    This is The Scorpion Sting
  2. Lyn

    Lyn Elite Member

    My daughter has always wanted one

    still not sure I want he is nice looking for a scorpion
  3. furryscaly

    furryscaly Elite Member

    Is the scorpion new? What's that you have as bedding? Lotsa pet stores have emperor scorpions in desert habitats, but they're actually from the rainforests of Africa.
  4. venus

    venus Founding Member

    Its a mixture of potting soil and vermiculite. I am going to be adding some peat moss soon.
  5. furryscaly

    furryscaly Elite Member

    Just making sure ;) At first glance it looks a lot like gravel, so I just wanted to check. I'm still waiting to see some scorpions down here. Other people have seen some, but not me. Why not me!? Its not fair :mad:
  6. bloodpython

    bloodpython Member


    I have 1.3 Emperor scorpions :D and 1 of my females is gravid so that # should be tripling soon...i love emperor scorps...i wanted some death stalkers but mum flipped out when she saw them lol...she keeps tarantulas...Goliath bird-eater and mexican red knee and we'r gettin 2 indian ornamental tarantulas soon....i use "bed-a-beast for substrate for my emps...they seem to like it...i can hear them clicking along the side of the tank at night lol i have been stung w/ my emp that i got from petco but my other ones that i got from a breeder are awsome...more tame then my leos lol....i love inverts.... :D hope 2 see more invert fans soon
  7. Rakoladycz

    Rakoladycz Elite Member

    i think the sand used as substrate is just ppls ignorance of where they are really from

    Im getting a Hottenta hottenta once i move out and i already have a florida bark scorpion they are almost and kewl as snakes
  8. Jay DeMore

    Jay DeMore Elite Member

    I always look at them and then end up adopting a new snake. One of these days though.....
  9. venus

    venus Founding Member

    Hey Bloodpython, you will have to take pictures for us of the babies when they are born. ;)
  10. Mr. T

    Mr. T Established Member

    i just got a baby emp. do there stings/bites hurt much? still a little nervous about holding it:p
  11. Jay DeMore

    Jay DeMore Elite Member

    I haven't been stung, but everything I've read said it was like a bee sting. Of course if you have an allergic reaction it could be bad.
  12. furryscaly

    furryscaly Elite Member

    If you can resist the temptation, just don't handle him at all. Scorpions only get stressed when handled, and they really dislike the light. Emperor scorpions have very large and powerful pedipalps, therefore their venom is less potent because they have no need for such strong toxins when the pedipalps get the job done. They don't really bite, they pinch, and pinch they will if they feel threatened. Jay's right, if you are allergic to bee stings, a sting from an emp would probably kill you if you didn't get help soon enough.
  13. MoLdYpOtAtOe

    MoLdYpOtAtOe Elite Member

    I have a large emp atm. Tamer than ever. But I plan on getting 2-3 females to breed. I am not sure if they will be tame or not. So if you are allergic to a bee, what exactly happens to you when you are stung by a emp? Also are you given the same products used for bee stings. Or mainly for certain scorps? Main reason I am asking this is because in my 18 years of living I have never been stung by a bee, don't know if I'm allergic or not, and wondering if I get stung by a emp and for some reason I am allergic. Will I die because hospitals do not have a treatment for me?
  14. Jay DeMore

    Jay DeMore Elite Member

    I believe it's anaphalactic shock that is the most common reaction to this type of sting, it is treated with adrenalin (which all hospitals have). But as always do alot of research before breeding.
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