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Scared Iguana Help Needed

Discussion in 'Green Iguanas' started by Spiff9391, Oct 16, 2017.

  1. Spiff9391

    Spiff9391 New Member

    I have a rescue and have delt with many reptiles but recently i got an iguana for myself as a baby from a petstore i have had him a year now and he will not tame as my dream lizard i am very upset and need help when first gotten left him alone in his habitat for 2 weeks to get comfortable than started slowly introducing my hand staying lower than him every time dew lap and tail whips would ignore food if offered by hand than from experienced iguana helpers they said pick him up and hold him at least an hour a day no luck would chill out but second released back to aggressive behavior after a year he will take hand food but still bite me any help appreciated my first iguana and dream pet

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  2. dp428

    dp428 Established Member

    iv only doing taming with monitors never an iguana, but I would revert back to no force handling. When you have animal that will get big they will remember what you do to them when they were small and will hold a grudge. let him get a little hungrier and introduce your hand then the food to get a lil more curiosity. you want him to think you are just part of the environment. also one thing that worked very well for me was putting a shirt I wore in his enclosure so my smell was part of his enclosure and promoted safety when he smelt my scent. I did this for months.

    Let him do what he wants, everything should be on at his convenience, not yours...well to the best of your ability. But I mean it took me about 6months just get to the point where I could look him in the eye. before he would just dart anytime we locked eyes.

    Big reptile pet = long trust gaining time, but it will be worth the slow and steady pace.

    My monitor now needs human attention almost daily other wise he gets angry.
  3. Spiff9391

    Spiff9391 New Member

    Ok thank you I will put a shirt in tonight and give him some space the food will be great cause it runs his world he eats all day everyday again thank you

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