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Savannah Monitor Cage Plans.

Discussion in 'Monitors' started by Mrs.hayner, Sep 27, 2017.

  1. Mrs.hayner

    Mrs.hayner Active Member

    Ok so I've been doing some research and I've figured out most of what I want to do but I was wondering if any one has tried a water set up with filtration in it to have a running system. Would it be worth the time and money or would it be a wast of time? And I was thinking of putting real plants and grad in but wasent sure if she would just tear them up or not? Any info on this I would be grateful.
  2. Darkbird

    Darkbird Elite Member

    Biggest issue with water features in monitor enclosures is that they tend to drag a lot of the substrate into the water as they climb in and out, so any filtration needs to be able to handle that. Also, the larger the water feature, the more involved it can become to keep it cleaned out, especially in terms of changing out and or adding fresh water. Some install drains and what not to make this an easier task. As for the plants, you can try it, but do so with the expectation that they will get destroyed.
  3. dp428

    dp428 Established Member

    I will say my plants got destroyed but buying sod to add some grass helped a lot, just make sure to rinse them off for a couple days to get any pesticides or chemicals used on them. I use a big tub for water. I would recommend a draining system if you can do that because it will live easier. I don't mind lifting 30pounds of water everyday but for some that may be too much to every day
  4. Mrs.hayner

    Mrs.hayner Active Member

    Ok that all makes sense. Thanks guys
  5. dp428

    dp428 Established Member

    I hope you have fun with your sav. They are great animals much smarter then given credit. Mine is potty trained in the house and in his cage although I think that is him just staying clean. he also has name an extent he will react to you but coming over is a different story. When I come home he is always hanging on the edge of the enclosure waiting for me to take him out.

    It seems like yours isn't very shy, however, some thing that worked great for me for gaining trust is never grabbing him to take him out I always lured him with food or he will come out on his own. Also allowing him to free roam shows that you are cohabitants, not that he does what you force him to do.

    Let him do his thing, because more often then not he is just curious and wants to check it out, also this maybe completely wrong but what I personally have noticed about animal behavior and with lots of reptiles they show dominance by being on top, so I never would pet him on his back in the beginning, only on the sides, his belly, and chin rub. I personally think it showed respect, and proved that I was not here to dominant but to just co-exist with him. Im sure not everything on here by the book but it did work very well for me.

    I have had my Sav for a 3 1/2 years he is 38 inches long, I don't have a weight for you right now. But thye should be very energetic. Mine will walk to the house for atleast a couple hours before I need to get him back into some heat or start getting tired. Best way to give them exercise is to make them chase a worm around the carpet. or a dubia roach in the bath tub (so you don't lose the roach incase your sav misses, Also make sure to close the drain so the roach cant run into the drain)

    Feeding is best time for creating trust and exercise. I will only give my sav a mouse or rat once every 2-4 months the rest of the stuff is insects (Dubias, superworms, earthworms, locusts/crickets) are the Main insects I feed him. Also do full shrimp, yes that includes the head ( I cut it up into the 3 sections though to make digestion and eating easier) Also gold fish sometimes. That's the main diet I do but I always check with local pet store to see if they have any new insects that I can try. Just got to make sure to check the fat content.

    Also I recommend a separate water dish from the soaking dish. easier to change, clean and healthier for the animal because most likely your sav will start defecate in the soaking dish and you definitely don't want him drinking that water

    sorry I know this isn't very organized im at work so if you have any follow-ups plz let me know I will elaborate with satisfactory grammar and organization

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