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Sav Monitor Questions

Discussion in 'Monitors' started by SavyBeard, Jun 8, 2014.

  1. SavyBeard

    SavyBeard Member

    Last week I purchased a Savannah Monitor form a relatively "ehh'' pet store that didn't know what in the hey they were doing with them. I have also purchased a bearded Dragon from them and a leopard gecko in hopes of rehabilitating them and of course keeping them for my own enjoyment.
    This is about my Savy though xD I noticed yesterday that he is missing two claws, and the tips are a dark red where the claw should be. I'm not sure if it as broken off somehow or actually pulled out. I also see that he has a few toes where the claw is pointing upward and the quick is swollen slightly and red. I'm worried he has some kind of infection or disease and would like to know how to treat it or fix the issue. I want to at least keep the area clean, So I wondered if I could use hydrogen peroxide mixed with water ( to weaken the solution) to sanitize the area at least. I'm not sure what the problem is with his claws but It worries me. he is in a 40g right now, with a mix of eco-earth and substrate(though I'm contemplating switching to bio active soil). On the cool side it's roughly 80-90 degrees, the hot side is high 90's and his basking area is atleast 120. He is only about 9" long so he is still a baby.
  2. bain

    bain Member

    Why not just take him to a herp vet to be on tje safe side
  3. SavyBeard

    SavyBeard Member

    to be completely honest, I cannot afford it unless it's an absolute necessity. I've read about other monitors with missing claws that grew back with proper care and time, so I'm hoping it'll be like that. But If it really comes down to it I will take him to a vet.
  4. bain

    bain Member

    Understandable but if he has blood poisoning he will die without treatment.
  5. gothicangel69

    gothicangel69 Elite Member

    Can you post a photo?

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