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Sand Swimmer Issues

Discussion in 'Skinks' started by TwistedDesign, Nov 28, 2016.

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  1. TwistedDesign

    TwistedDesign New Member

    image.jpeg image.jpeg Hi all, new to the forum
    I purchased this skink and was told it was a Broad banded sand swimmer . Arfter looking at others online it looks more like a northern or western narrow banded to me.
    Its also been having trouble shedding on 1 of its front legs there is a lot of old skin built up on it you can hardly see its toes anymore.
    Ive been giving it 2-3 baths a week but doesnt seem to be doing anything it still wont fall off. The last week or so its lost quite abit of weight its starting to look quite skinny, its still eatting very well as soon as it hears me open the container of crickets its very active and chases down and eats atleast 10 or more crickets a day. It has fresh water every day aswell and drinks regularly. But once its finished eatting it just lays at the front of the tank on top of the sand looking very sad, were as a couple of weeks ago it was always under the sand when not eatting. Its housed in a 2 foot by 45cm tank, temps lately been up around 28 during the day because of summer and only a few degrees lower at night.
    First picture is of it today and second is of it a few months ago. Any ideas what could be going on ?
  2. Skink lover04

    Skink lover04 Member

    Also the shedding on its leg needs to come off asap otherwise it'll lose its toes

    Also are the cricket gutloaded that might be the problem
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