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RTB Questions

Discussion in 'Common/Red Tail Boa' started by MalformedMessiah, Oct 11, 2004.

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  1. MalformedMessiah

    MalformedMessiah Elite Member

    I've always been interested in large snakes...(The burm is my favorite)...but I wanted to become familiar with other large snakes before advancing to the larger I thought a boa constrictor would be a wise choice...upon my many hours of research online....I havnt been able to find answers to the following questions....I thank all who reply in advance...

    1. What region of RTB gets the biggest?
    2. What would the growth rate be?
  2. BOA68

    BOA68 Member

    You can't really refer just to RTB. The BCC (actual red tail) grow slower and don't get as large as BCI or regular boa. BCI females can reach about 10ft, but are usually between 8 and 9ft. Males are 6-8ft. It's possible for BCC reach the same lengths, but they grow slower. I would say on average a boa will be between 3-4ft in the first year. Around 5-7 by the second year or so. And then get to there adult size by 3 years. But remember they grow throughout life, growth just slows down dramaticly. I have a Columbian, thats a BCI. She is about a year and a half old and she is a little over 5ft.
  3. Todd

    Todd Elite Member

    This answer will probably require some research in order to find some consistent answers. I believe that Guyanan RTB's are among the largest of the RTBs. Surinames and Peruvians would be among the smaller, for example. This reference may provide a bit more clarity:


    Almost all snakes will grow in direct proportion to feeding frequency. As far as Red Tailed Boas are concerned, many will put on the majority of their weight within the first year (to three years), as well as mature sexually within the first year, in many cases. Maturity (as adulthood would be measured) is generally achieved by the fifth year.
  4. MalformedMessiah

    MalformedMessiah Elite Member

    Thanks alot guys....I appreciate the replies
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