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Discussion in 'Snakes - General' started by mambaman, May 11, 2007.

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  1. mambaman

    mambaman Elite Member

    Hello, Im 15 i'v owned 3 snakes before a Milk snake, Ball python, and a Suriname/hogg island which was aggresive. And i'v been thinking of getting another snake i'v narrowed it down to a Male Albino Burmese or a Female Colombian Red tail. Which should I get? I'v heard they both have mild temperments. Which would you reccomend. I'v had 2 people tell me to get a burm and 1 to get an RTB.

  2. venus

    venus Founding Member

    Welcome to Herp Center. I would say go with the Red Tail...they are soooo purdy..:) Have you done your research on both to see which would fit you best?
  3. mambaman

    mambaman Elite Member

    Thank you. Yes i'v done some research on both. I will do more once i decide for sure which one to get. I'v heard that the Red tails seem to be harder to read than burms.

  4. MoogleBass

    MoogleBass Kittes are so nice! Premium Member

    Ok, im gonna be a pain again, but I can see this is gonna be something that will be stated soon anyway. Your 15 you cant handle a 14+ foot snake. Sorry. Thats the way it stands. Let alone the cost of feeders for the snake. The cost of a large cage for them. Sorry but i think a RTB would be better.
  5. jimijaw

    jimijaw Active Member

    I have had 5 RedTails and 3 of the 5 have become aggressive. The two I have now are not aggressive at all and I figure its because I handle them everyday except for feeding day and 2 days after. These are real sweet hearts they wont even coil or flinch when they know Im going to pick them up. Id say go with the RedTails if you have the time to devote daily in handling them. Burmese are great but do you know how big thay can get?:eek: Are you going to be able to provide big enough housing for when it gets big? Plus feeding as an adult, you are looking at rabbits. You said you have had snakes before so you know what the commitment will be and more so with a larger snake or one that will grow very large. I wish you the very best and good luck. Jimi
  6. mambaman

    mambaman Elite Member

    thanks, I have a summer job so I should be able to afford either one. I make a few thousand each summer. I have an insulated 10/12 or 10/14 foot shed some where along those lines to house it in the shed is all set up. Just need to decide which snake to get. I know these size the burm can get thats why I decided on if I did get a burm it would be a male. It makes me a little nervous getting a boa because you said 3 of the 5 you have are aggresive and the one I owned was too. So im still undecided lol. And MoogleBass I dont plan on handling it alone when it gets big.
  7. BlackJack

    BlackJack Subscribed User Premium Member

    Either snake can have an aggressive personality, by nature or by the amount of human interaction. Snakes will always remain wild animals, no matter how docile some of them are.
    I've heard of many more aggressive burms than red-tails, but again, it's the luck of the draw. My sister had a female red-tail that was absolutely gorgeous, sweet (except when hungry) and she got very big (9+ feet).

    I would recommend sitting down with some pictures and a caresheet on each snake and making a Pros/Cons list. What do you like about each snake? What is good about it? What could be bad about having it?
    In the end, you should get whichever one you REALLY want, because only then will you (hopefully) have the "stick-to-it-iveness" to deal with any problems that come up.
    Another thing is the "shed": how much will it cost to set it up into a large snake enclosure? Is it escape-proof?/Child-proof? (The snake should not be able to get out and children or other pets should not be able to get in!!) Can it be heated to the proper temperatures? (In my experience, my enclosure costs have been FAR higher than the cost of the snake or the cost of feeding.)
    Do you have a vet nearby that has experience in treating large snakes?

    Also, think a few years down the road... are you planning to go to college? Can you take the snakes with you when you leave home? A lot of apartments do not allow reptiles. Re-homing large snakes (especially Burms) is no easy task.

    Take your time; it's a big decision. Good luck! :)
  8. aztec4mia

    aztec4mia Elite Member

    Sorry kid but i have to agree with the others, coming from a burm owner i would recommend you go with the red-tail, they stay smaller than a burm and what happens if you get an aggressive burm that ends up 14', how ar eyou going to handle it, in all reallity it could reach that lenth before you turn 17, just somthin to think about, what brought you to a columbian redtail? favorite pattern out of all the locales? what narrowed it down to these two? price? i would way your options again, burms are a great python but can be a handful at times.
  9. mambaman

    mambaman Elite Member

    The shed is already set up has the outlets and everything even phone outlets lol. Its insulated just needs the tank. Either one I get will be a baby when i buy it. I narrowed it down to the Colombian and Burm because I'v heard that the Colombians have a good temperment and i like there pattern and there size females get about 9 foot right? I love the Albino burms pattern and i'v also heard they have a good temperment. But con's people from ********** said go with the Burm, Herpcenter says go with RTB. So im still not sure lol.
  10. Rich

    Rich Administrator Staff Member Premium Member


    Welcome to the site! My personal opinion would also be the Redtail.
  11. mambaman

    mambaman Elite Member

    Well im going into town today and theres a new Pet Store Pets-Way. I know its better to buy from a breeder. But they had a really nice looking Colombian there do you think it would be ok to buy from them?
  12. steel rip

    steel rip Elite Member

    I would say red tail too, they are far more pretty looking and are managable if your wanting to go bigger in snakes, and you know you are ready done all the research ect...

    I myself personally dont like Burms, so maybe mines a biased choice lol dunno..out of all the pythons out there that has to be the ugliest.

    How much does this pet store have the columbian for, you would get a better deal from a breeder, pet store prices are rediculous, and they try to sell you lots of stuff you dont need, so make sure your research is done, regarding substrates cage needs ect...
  13. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Since none of us have personal knowledge of this store, and have never seen the snake in question, there is really no way to answer this that would have any meaning.
    For myself, I prefer to buy from breeders. You will get a much better price and you will know the animal's history. With a pet store it's a crap shoot! What animals I have purchased from a shop, I dealt with a herp specialty store.
    However if this snake appeals to you and you have the funds, see if they have any sort of guarantee. Are they willing to allow you take it to a herp vet and have it examined and if there is a problem allow you to return it.
  14. Lyn

    Lyn Elite Member

    Ok, Im going to throw my 2 cents in have owned a milksnake, a ball python, and a hoggIsle/suriname boa.. do you still own any of these snakes...are you sayng the ball python and the milksnake are also aggressive or just the boa. In most cases when bought as babies, snakes will be not aggressive but fear will cause them to strike. Regular handling will eventually dissuade this habit. I own a few ball pythons and have never had any problems with them (well except with feeding) if you spent any time with these animals, you would eventually have a handleable docile animal.

    As for a burm vs a redtail....also be aware that some redtails get extremely large and should never be handled alone if they are more than 6 ft in length....and I would choose the redtail over the burm for the size difference etc as everyone else already stated....Best wishes with your decision....
  15. mambaman

    mambaman Elite Member

    Just the RTB was aggresive. I still have my ball python i love him to death lol.
  16. mambaman

    mambaman Elite Member

    Well guys i bought the Red tail. I like the burms better but i think my granpa would've had a heart attack lol. I'll post pics tomorrow.
  17. Rich

    Rich Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Look forward to the pics!
  18. steel rip

    steel rip Elite Member

    Congrats on your new red tail, looking forward to pics also :)
  19. jimijaw

    jimijaw Active Member

    Congrats on your decision!!! Now we get to see pics when you can. Jimi
  20. mambaman

    mambaman Elite Member

    I took a few a while ago but they werent very good because he's all stretched out. I'll try and get some better pics later today. I'll try and post them tonight.
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