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Rosy Boa That Refuses to Eat

Discussion in 'Rosy Boas & Sand Boas' started by ariesmommy, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. ariesmommy

    ariesmommy Elite Member

    lol. its okay. all suggestions are welcome. im gonna try every single one of these and whichever one works best ill make sure to remember it again and let that person know they saved my life and probably the snakes (from being force fed) and i dont remember reading anything about what you said. i might be mistaken but i have so many posts going on right now i cant keep up lol. so it doesnt matter :) thank you again
  2. DarkMagician207

    DarkMagician207 Elite Member

    I know you said you've had your snake for about a month. Did you get the snake young or is it an older snake? The reason I ask is because some older Rosys will go off feed for the winter. My Rosy goes off feed anywhere from July to March depending on the weather and has been doing it for years, he even did it for the guy who had him before me. As they age, they eat less. Mine will only eat 1 or 2 times a month sometimes when he's not in winter fast.

    Mine prefers to eat in the evening in a dark, quiet area in the evening. Sometimes I pull the blinds in the room down and cover his feeding bin with a dark cloth to add extra darkness. They are dusk feeders. Also, I thaw my mice straight in warm water and change it out as it thaws then at the end I put it in hot (not boiling) water. I don't know if it being wet has anything to do with it but he usually goes for it. Do not try to feed him every 2 days for the 2 weeks. It will just stress and scare him. Some Rosys can be nippy but most are very docile and shy.

    Also, at 40 percent the humidity is a little high. 40 isn't bad but you can also try lowering it. Rosys are not fans of high humidity which is why deep water dishes aren't recommended and be cautious of spills. I believe if I remember correctly at 40 percent that's about as max as you should go.

    A 20 gallon is a perfect size since you are able to get a good enough heat gradient there.

    You may have to leave him alone for a week or two so he can re-settle then try a method. If you keep trying to feed him so often he'll get stressed out. I know you mentioned taking the substrate out but once you introduce it back into the enclosure make sure you put a couple inches in, Rosys love to burrow and they like lots of foliage and things in their tank to make them feel secure.
  3. ariesmommy

    ariesmommy Elite Member

    well our humidity has went down to 35 for now but where its been so humid and in the 100s here im guessing that has a factor in it as well. we try to change the newspaper when he does spill the little cap full of water. we havent tried to feed him since the first time because other people on here (and i thank them very much for every suggestion) has told me that it stresses them out as well. we are going to try and feed him again this saturday and see if he will take it this time. we will be getting a fresh pinkie because we have tried 3 times with this one and i think that he probably doesnt have smell on it like it did when we first got it. TO ANSWER YOUR QUESTION...HE IS A BABY. ONLY 16 INCHES. I DONT KNOW EXACTLY HOW OLD HE IS BUT I CAN PROBABLY FIND OUT. i doubt hes in winter fast as hot as it is unless they know seasons by instinct which i think isnt possible with how hot it is as of right now. we are going to try and find another substrate for him so he can burrow but were just doing what the vet asked us to. (sometimes i think they dont know anything and they just want your money) but were gonna try every suggestion (i know ive said this alot but its true) over the next few weeks. and ill update everybody on it :) thanks again
  4. DarkMagician207

    DarkMagician207 Elite Member

    It is possible for them to sense the seasons. We've just gotten out of our 6th heatwave here in my part of PA where it's been in the high 90s and triple digits and Chaos (my Rosy) hasn't been eating lately so if he goes so long without I know he started "winter" fast. I don't think the months really matter since he's started as early as July sometimes, I guess it's just their instincts. Also they do not get very large, 4 ft is a big one. Mine is over 9 years old and is about 2 - 2 1/2 feet and is thin enough to fit through a toilet paper tube. so he may be older than you think. Just a thought.

    It might be helpful to get a fresh pinky as you're planning. I can't remember if you said your current pinky is a live one but if it was frozen using it 3 times isn't a good thing. You can really only refreeze a rodent maybe once because it starts to break down too much after that and it all depends on how long it was left out. More than an hour I believe should just be tossed instead of refrozen.

    If you haven't already you can also try scenting the pinky with an adult mouse or rat that has a stronger scent on it, or rub it on the bedding that a mouse has been on or even a lizard scented pray item may work.

    As far as bedding you can use Aspen or something like Carefresh. You don't want to use pine or cedar as those can be deadly.
  5. bucher70

    bucher70 Elite Member

    Reptiles dont really sense the seasons as far as I know. It has to do with photo period and temperatures. Thats why breeders cool animals or brumate them by decreasing the amount of daylignt and gradually lower the temperatures.

    A juvenile snake should be eating like crazy to put on as much weight as possible in the first year or so of life.
  6. teach920

    teach920 Subscribed User Premium Member

    MOST DEFINITELY get a new stated above by another member, pinkies (as well as other sizes of frozen prey) should not be thawed and then refrozen and thawed again..(I have heard that larger size prey can be refrozen one time, but everything I have read states that pinkie size mice should not be refrozen at all...If your snake does not eat it within an hour or so, it is best to just throw it away.)

    My own Rosy Boa is almost a year, and is about the size you mention. She is currently eating the fuzzy rat if you are referring to pinkie mice, then I would definitely make sure you have more than one pinkie when you feed her...she will more than likely eat several pinkies when she does begin eating for you...(I also suggest that you go up in prey size ASAP....don't be fooled by the size of your Rosy's head/mouth.. They can eat MUCH larger prey than that.)

    Sending positive thoughts your way, and please keep us informed of your progress.
  7. ariesmommy

    ariesmommy Elite Member

    as of thurs he finally ate. i posted another thread with pictures of his wicked sick feeding. it amazes me how they do that :)

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