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Rosy Boa Temperature Questions

Discussion in 'Rosy Boas & Sand Boas' started by Gwangi, Sep 20, 2013.

  1. Gwangi

    Gwangi New Member

    Hello everyone. I'm going to be getting my first snake either today or within the next couple days but I have some questions regarding the temp. The snake is a rosy boa, the tank is a 20g long with aspen bedding, a hide and under tank heater. Inside the hide which is on top of the heater the temp. reads 90F but the temp. elsewhere in the tank is about 70F. Is this alright? I've read that these snakes don't need lights and would prefer to use the under tank heater only but unless the snake is on top of the heated portion of the tank it seems like the rest of the enclosure is too cool. Any thoughts?
  2. Gwangi

    Gwangi New Member

    33 views, 2 days and no responses? Seems like a pretty simple question for those with the experience. Anyway, I decided to just buy a lamp for the additional heat. Thanks for the advice guys.
  3. Khelmoria

    Khelmoria Elite Member

    Does the tank have a mess top? I would avoid using the heat lamp because it will dry out your environment too much. rosy boas need high levels of humidity, if I recall correctly.

    How are you maintaining the temperatures with the under the tank heater? can you turn it up? maybe it is too small for your set up.

    are you using digital thermometers?

    Can you post a picture of the setup?

    Sorry no one got back to you sooner.
  4. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Just because someone looked at your post doesn't not mean that they have an answer for you, Not everyone keeps the same things. It was also the weekend so some would be away.
  5. rimridge

    rimridge Well-Known Member

    I am sorry, but I am feeling similar to you. Due to a lack of response I have not felt like participating very much here. I contributed a thread with some pretty significant Rosy boas, some are more than likely Canada firsts from a speces known to be somewhat difficult and barely a reply. but that is OK, I am a patient man and a lack of reply speaks volumes.

    Anyway, Rosy boas don't need the light., but if it helps bring the temp. up on the cold side 5 to 10 degrees during the day and perhaps turning the light off at night, you should be OK with that.
    My main concern hear though and Khelmoria please don't take any offense to this because I understand that you are trying to help with good advise, but. Rosy boas need very low humidity, High humidity will give them a respiratory infection (in short order) potencially leading to death. In areas where the humidity is high it is even suggested to not leave a water dish in there enclosure for a week or two at a time. Here in Alberta we have very little humidity and I am able to leave a small water dish in at all times. If one over flows or dumps there dish it would be best idea to change the substate in short order. I actually had one get a RI for this reason and it had only been 2 days before I had noticed. Now I check them daily.
    Again I am sorry for the lack of reply, but I am a farmer and this is my busy season and I know there are others here able to help. Don't give up here, some things just take time.
  6. diehardislanders

    diehardislanders Elite Member

    This is incorrect. Rosy boas do not require high levels of humidity.

    A lamp will be fine in aiding your ambient temps. 70*F is too cold for your entire tank to retain that ambient temp. It will not harm your snake, but it will force your Rosy Boa into its warm hide and under the aspen around it, until it travels off to one of the cooler hides and pretty much stays there. The activity of your snake will very much be hampered. I split my Rosy Boa tank into two heating zones, left one complete half at 92F and the other at 78F. I would recommend you using the UTH combined with the lamp like you have going now.
  7. diehardislanders

    diehardislanders Elite Member

    Hello rimridge. In my opinion people go too far trying to keep humidity low. In New York, with one heat lamp, my humidity stayed around 38%-41%. People assume that because of how dry their natural environment is, that we need to provide them with very low humidity. In most parts of North America, ambient humidity will not hurt your snake. In Arizona and California, these snakes retreat and seek out hides under the most humid rocks they can find. If you treat your Rosy Boa like it lived in a rainforest, then yes, you can give it RI, but as long as you are not spraying down the enclosure and provide ventilation, the snake should be fine. Many people successfully keep and breed their Rosy boas in tubs with 50%-55% humidity, without issue.

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