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Rosy Boa Preparations?

Discussion in 'Rosy Boas & Sand Boas' started by Grandcandy123, Jun 6, 2014.

  1. Grandcandy123

    Grandcandy123 New Member

    Hey guys! I'm going to start my time here with a question.. Or a few. Sorry. :p

    I have a bit of experience with reptiles already. I have 3 turtles: a 7.5 inch RES named Kendra, a 4 inch Pink Belly named Zoe, and a 2 inch RES named Ed. My problem now is the fact that I want a snake. I have no experience with snakes, so I figured that I would sign up for a forum that might be able to help me along the way. I have already decided on what kind I want, and that would be the Rosy Boa. I have read AT LEAST 25 care sheets trying to drill everything into my head, but I'm not yet sure that I've got it down. I was wondering if you could tell me a few things that you've personally learned.

    I have her tank bought and set up already. I've chosen a rather simple 20 Long. For substrate, I have about 2 inches of aspen shavings. 2 half log hides; one on the warm and cool sides of the tank, a heat pad, and a rather large water bowl. I also have a thermometer on each side with a hygrometer in the center. I have a few cage questions:
    1. Should the water dish be left in constantly or only provided once every so often?
    2. Should I use a heat lamp as well as the pad?
    3. Would it be a good idea to buy a tree of some sort for my new girl to climb on if she chooses?
    4. My hygrometer is showing about 60% humidity, which I believe is the highest it should be for rosies. How could I lower this?
    5. Could you tell me absolutely anything that I should change, add, or do to the cage? I want it to be as perfect as possible. :)

    Now on to feeding. I know that they are fed mice, but I'm not totally sure of procedures.
    1. What size/age should the feeders be?
    2. I have been raising lives for my pacman frog. Are lives a bad idea, or should I be okay?
    3. Should I use any sort of vitamins or additives on or in the mice?
    4. Once again, anything else you feel that you should tell me. :)

    1. About this. Are there any certain things that I should do, other than wash my hands before and after and not handle withing 2 days of feeding? I've read about something called a body tap? Would this be a good practice?

    Please, feel free to tell me absolutely anything and everything else that you believe I should know.

    Sorry for such a long post. I just have no experience with snakes and want to make sure that I have everything perfect for my baby Addi. :)
  2. Gopherus

    Gopherus New Member

    I'm also interested in some answers! Just got a Mexican rosy boa (Mrs. Gideon) about a week ago. She seems to be doing fine, but I'd love to make sure she's completely comfortable!
  3. rimridge

    rimridge Well-Known Member

    Hi, well that is a mouthfull.

    Congrats on your choice of a Rosy boa, I will try and put some answeres to your questions.

    1) With your humidity allready being rather high, I would recomend not useing a big water dish and try a smaller dish just big enough for hydration like those doller store ceramic bowls and leave it in the tank. If it tips or over flows, change material in good order.
    2) That depends on what it takes to get the proper temps. in your situation. The heat lamp has the benifit of helping to lower the humidity. In a 20 gal. long it may be hard to provive a cool spot with the lamp. You will need to play around a bit to achieve your goal,here.
    3) It would not hurt to put a branch in but Rosy boas spend there time mainly on the ground. Just make sure it has a couple hides on warm and cool side.
    4)Small water dish, perhaps the heat lamp if thats going to be used and paper towel,news print (not the shiny paper) or a material that does not contribute to adding humidity like aspen will. And lots of ventilation. Best you can do with an glass tank is a screen top.
    5) Included above.
    1)Hopefully you will be feeding frozen thawed. The size of feeder go's by the size of the individual snake. A new born can be fed pinkies or small fuzzy mice, 2 or 3 if pinkies and right up to adults and jumbo mice for adults.
    2) you will have to define what you mean by "LIVES", because I am not getting what you are refering too.
    3) Nothing needs to be suplemented to the feeders.
    4) It sounds as though you have been doing your research and Rosy boas are not that difficult to maintain, I can't think of any thing to add at this time. If you have more questions as you go, then keep on asking them.

    Yea, best not handle for 2 to 3 days after feeding.
    Again you will have to describe this body tap thing, because I have never heard of it

    I wish you the best with your Rosy boa. I am sorry it took awhile for you to get a reply, but I believe you are on the right track.

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