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Rock Wall?

Discussion in 'Cage Furniture - Accessories' started by ccmelin, Apr 27, 2010.

  1. ccmelin

    ccmelin Member

    i have recently finished the construction of a 2'x4'x6' enclosure for my rat snakes. i am now wanting to put a rock wall on the back and sides of the tank. i have read just about every post/article on the internet regarding fake rock walls, and i am still not sure what would be the best to make one.
    i was thinking about using wood and polystyrene covered with chicken wire to make the form of the wall, and using some type of cement or grout to cover it.
    but i am not sure about what kind of cement or sealant to use.
    any suggestions or ideas???

    i was also thinking of putting a pond in the bottom of the tank and filtering it with an external canister. should i get a premade pond tub or try to make one with cement and seal it myself? it seems like making my own would be really difficult to seal...
  2. Spikes the name

    Spikes the name Elite Member

    Why would it be difficult to seal?
  3. hawinhb

    hawinhb Member

    What type of sealant should I use for a water dragon? I made a waterfall and pool using polystyrene and grout. Thinking about making another one with polystyrene and quickset cement. Do I need to seal cement?

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