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RIP Biscotti

Discussion in 'Over the Rainbow' started by cassicat4, May 28, 2014.

  1. cassicat4

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    I wasn't able to post this until now. But last week, we suffered a loss.

    We had just set up the portable a/c because temps in the reptile room were getting too high, even with fans. It was working fine, but I was paranoid, and wanted to find a backup way to secure the hose to the window (using duct tape or something). I was assured it was holding fine, and it was. Even when you bumped it, it stayed secure, so there was no reason to think anything would happen. For whatever reason, a towel that was hanging on the corner of one of the shelves - a towel that has been there for months without issue - decided to fall on the hose, dislodging it from the window.

    We came home (after being away from the house from 8am-5:30pm) and the thermostat read 101F in the reptile room. This is a room containing Tokays, leos, AFT, BPs, Tarantulas...who can be fairly heat resistant short term...but the room also contains many cresties (11), a garg, a chewie, a cave gecko, croc skinks, and dart frogs...who are not so heat-resistant.

    The leos and snakes were submerged in their water bowls, trying to stay cool. The rest of the animals were hiding in the coldest parts of their enclosures. We basically grabbed a pile of tupperware containers and buckets and whatever we could, and just started transferring critters and then hauling them downstairs where it's fairly cool. I did glance at some of the thermometers when transferring...the Rhac enclosures were in the mid to high-90s, the Tokays around 115F...

    I don't know at what point the a/c failed, or how long the animals had been subjected to the heat. I don't think I want to know.

    I guess in retrospect we were lucky. We only lost one gecko. One of our big beautiful male cresties, Biscotti, was on his back, dead from the heat. It could have been so much worse, especially when we're talking critters whose max heat should never exceed 82-85F. Everyone else was quickly hydrated and kept cool until we could fix their room up again. They were also carefully monitored over the next few days to ensure they were ok. The hose has been securely fastened to the window this time. No more chances. And I can't even look at the towel, but it no longer hangs in that spot.

    It's hard because I blame myself. If I had misted him more that morning, would it have helped? I had also stacked his enclosure on top of another crestie's (on the floor) this why he died and the one below and beside him didn't? I should have found a way to secure the hose better. I was scared of something happening, and it did. This would have been such a horrible way to go, and I can't get the visual of him dead out of my mind.

    Anyway, I miss him. I believe all of our reptiles have unique little personalities, and he was no exception. He can never be replaced. I'm so sorry, Biscotti. RIP my big boy.

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