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Rhino Iguana Pics

Discussion in 'Cyclura - Rock Iguana' started by TeguBuzz, Mar 24, 2013.

  1. TeguBuzz

    TeguBuzz Elite Member

    Just some updated pics of my 3 year old rhino male. He's starting to gain some real nice muscle time as well as some girth.

  2. Really

    Really Elite Member

    Nice! Part of me would love a rhino hatchling when my friend's rhino lays eggs this year, but the rest of me knows my hands are full.
  3. PetMother

    PetMother Elite Member

    Such a beautiful creature.
  4. Tired

    Tired Elite Member

    I'm forever in love with the species! Looks good, whenever I have a final house, I'll be getting one & housing it outdoors. Texas is a good place, am I right?
  5. TeguBuzz

    TeguBuzz Elite Member

    Houston weather has worked for me, year round - with the help of the KANE heating pads. Our summer heat is on point, humidity works quite well and my weekly hose downs help with shed even more. Not sure how it is in San Antonio though.
  6. Tired

    Tired Elite Member

    Dry! Very dry haha. Great weather though.
  7. Really

    Really Elite Member

    Our iggies (also in Houston) are in and out, but providing year round outside housing would not be difficult. We do this with our Sulcatta who stays outside year round with the help of his heated dog house.
  8. goathunter

    goathunter Member


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