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Retic and RI

Discussion in 'Reticulated Pythons' started by scott453, Mar 21, 2010.

  1. scott453

    scott453 New Member

    Hey everyone, I have a 6 1/2 ft retic weighing in around 19 lbs that was given to me 1 month ago. Shortly after getting her all set up I discovered what I believed and still believe to be an RI. We dont have the greatest herp vets in the area so I have to rely on experience and research to go along with the vets advice. My retic never had a runny nose, no bubbles, just the wheezing when exhaling and what appeared to be labored exhaling at that. She became lethargic, wouldn't eat and started to breathe with her mouth open and that was enough for me so we went to the vet and did a round of force fed baytril as the vet didn't want to do the shots. After around a week she appeared better and by the tenth day was roaming the cage and getting that last shot of baytril down her throat was a no easy act like it was in the beginning. She took a medium rat yesterday like it was nobodies business and 14 days in she looks great, acts normal and very active. However she still wheezes on exhale (but no longer breathes with her mouth open) and I am unsure if she just needs more time or I need to get another round of Baytril or another anti biotic. Any help would be greatly appreciated. The cage specs are 7Lx4wx4h with constant 90 degree at the hot side and 77 degrees on the cool. The humidity stays at 40% on the hot side and 50% on the cool. Substrate is outdoor carpet cleaned and replaced daily. ( I keep 3 cut to size to ). My 3 Burmese have done wonderful over the last 15 years in the identical setups and this is my first retic so possibly there is something I missed or am making a mistake on. I may be worrying about nothing but again....any help or insight would be appreciated.
  2. hennisntacanibal

    hennisntacanibal Elite Member

    It sounds like you haven't missed anything as far as her care. I don't know too much about retics but from what I know of infections, she probably has to have a little more time for her immune system to fight off the last of the bacteria. The bacteria that's left after two weeks of antibiotics are resistant to them, and giving her more would just be pointless. How often does she bask? You might consider bumping the basking spot up five or ten degrees. Ectotherms need outside heat to do what our bodies do naturally: induce fevers. The extra heat will help her system burn off those extra pesky bacteria.
    Good luck with her, and if you get the chance, post pics!! :)
  3. boaterr

    boaterr Well-Known Member

    A couple things to look at.

    The highest you should have basking temps for a Retic is 94 degrees, 90-92 degrees is ideal.
    Retics by nature breath are heavy breathers. if you do not see mucus coming out of the snakes nose or mouth than she is probably fine. A female retic of 6 foot or larger should be fed very large rat or small rabbits, they have much faster metabolisms than burmese pythons and thus need more food. The cage she is in is very large for her size, and could easily house her for the rest of her life.
  4. scott453

    scott453 New Member

    Thanks for the replies, she seems to be doing much better, is eating well again and her feeding response is stronger than I have ever seen in any of my Burmese...caught me buy surprise even though I was lecturing my oldest son who was home from college about stupid feeding mistakes ;) In any case she only snorts on exhale and only when handled or exerting herself climbing in her cage. I did have the temps bumped to 97 on the hot side and 80 on the cool side but have lowered them back to 92 and 78. The only things that concerns me now is she does spend some time, not a lot, stretched up towards the ceiling but not in an award Stevey Wonder way and I have never had my Burmese do that. I would say a minute or two at a time then moves around normally. I have heard the horror stories about IBD and stargazing and seen the videos on youtube with the snakes on their back looking up and loss of muscle control but this isn't like that, she seems totally in control and her tongue does flicker. Possibly some of you Retic owners have seen this before? Sorry to sound overly concerned but I have really taken to this animal in the short time I have had her. I will post some pics of her tomorrow.
  5. josh112990

    josh112990 Well-Known Member

    my 10 footer will sometimes randomly extend part of her body off the floor of her cage and look at the top of it but she is in complete control i don't know why she does it but she has done it since she was about 6 weeks old so if the snake seems in control i wouldn't worry too much about the looking up thing. i have also witnessed many other retics doing this and there is nothing wrong with them. although i am curious of the definate signs of a RI because mine has been wheezing quite heavily recently but she is also nearing a shed very shortly i am not trying to take over the thread. just asking a question
  6. scott453

    scott453 New Member

    That's good to hear because she seems to be doing very well and is extremely active and feeding excellent. Still likes to do exactly what your describing. As far as RI symptoms the only thing that wasn't very obvious to me was there was no discharge/bubbles. The open mouth breathing,coughing, and wheezing was hard to miss and came on quickly. Very lethargic and rarely moved. She wanted nothing to do with food. Ray Charles could have seen that I had a sick snake. The baytril crushed and mixed with a slight bit of water and force fed seemed to work well after about 7 days. Not sure if the shots would have been quicker or more effective. She still snorts but only when handled or exerting herself so I am guessing that is just how its going to be with her. As to why she became sick I can only guess that when she was transported from the Carolina's to Ohio that she was cold, climate/humidity change, and stress. I was able to contain it to just her though and I attribute that to washing hands/hand sanitizer and rearranging my whole **** basement ;) Again, the RI symptoms were extremely obvious so I would just keep an eye on her and see if they appear.
  7. josh112990

    josh112990 Well-Known Member

    thank you so much i am glad to hear that everything has worked out for you

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