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[Resolved - WIP] Supply Purchases & HC

Discussion in 'General Suggestions' started by jengal, Oct 2, 2007.

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  1. jengal

    jengal Elite Member


    Is there a way to buy supplies on-line and have it benefit the site? You know, that kind of thing where an organization sets up some kind of deal with a supplier to kick back a little money based on buyers through that link.

    I asked Lacey about it, and she said you were already working on it, but to pass the suggestion along nonetheless.

    You really do seem tireless, Rich. Perhaps we can all pile some more suggestions and tasks on you to emprically test the 'tireless' theory ;)

    Really, thanks for all your hard work. Where would we be without you, let alone our scaly and/or slimy pets!

  2. Rich

    Rich Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Re: supply purchases & HC


    I think relentless is more the word to describe my attitude toward HC. Some may even say obsessed. Tireless though? I am not certain if that is 100% accurate. I catch 10 - 15 minutes here and there. lol

    Currently the best way to support HC in regards to supplies is to purchase from our sponsors. Those banners at the top of the page that cycle through are paying for that location. The funds are then tossed into HC's account and help go toward upgrades, maintenance, new features, etc.

    Every time a user of this site purchases their supplies through the links on HC, our sponsors get to see it. It also helps when they let the sponsor know they are coming from HC.

    If our sponsors advertising is driving them business, they will continue to be sponsors with us. If they are getting no business, they would be foolish to continue advertising.

    Everything Reptile Supply Inc.

    Patrick, the owner of ERS and a friend of mine has supported HC for a long time now. His site has great prices and a wide variety of merchandise. He has almost everything you may be seeking. If he doesn't, and you contact him, he may be able to get exactly what it is you are looking for.


    Bob Mac is infamous online for the quality of his lighting. Before Bob began paying for his advertising on HC, we were advertising him anyways. If anyone requires UV lighting for their animals, this is the site to get it from. I myself have used and tried all sorts of lights. Since I started using bobs lights, I have never and will never switch. They are the best out there bar none.

    While we don't get actual funds on each sale, we do get paid for the advertising. Its a win - win situation when you buy through our sponsors.

    If anyone is actually looking for a way to donate directly to HC, that is also an option.

    Purchase a subscription. Subscriptions are located here: HC Subscriptions

    Subscribed users have benefits that other site members don't have. To learn more about what the subscriptions are and how they work, read this: Subscribed Users Explained

    Hope this answers your questions.
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