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Discussion in 'Herp Awareness' started by Lyndsbelle, Nov 24, 2012.

  1. Lyndsbelle

    Lyndsbelle Elite Member

    In progress of researching "agamidae" genus and species. I find the dragons and some that I have already found to be fascinating. I will be posting new finds to this thread for any curious souls and for any who know what I'm currently researching. Any questions about certain types of agamidae are welcome as it will expand my knowledge as well! :)

    For now I am researching all information regarding the agama mwanzae (spider-man lizard) and the basiliscus b. plumifrons (Jesus lizard).

    I know that the basilisk is not in the agamidae, however, I was already researching him as he looks cool. I am just starting with agamidae as I do not see much of the different species in this forum.

    Ok, so Jesus Christ lizard first. Looking like were looking at a 3x's length for width, 2x's for height, and 1x's for depth. They are very similar to the CWD. Diet, Environment, and personality are just like the CWD. The only difference I saw was that they run on water. Every source that I looked up suggested a smaller enclosure than I am planning for our CWD. This doesn't make sense to me since they like to run on the water. I'm thinking they need about half to two thirds of the bottom to be water and they definitely need climbing space... I didn't find any other than Tricia's that specified that they needed height! :(. Of course, most of us use Tricia's since it works.

    So for those wondering. Looking like a 9x3x6 (LWH) and crickets/mealworms/waxworms for juvie's and pinkies/crickets/etc. for adults. They get to be up to 3' like the CWD but need more water area. They also can stay underwater for 10 mins longer (30 mins total) than the CWD.

    I don't like seeing misinformation, but it's the internet right?

    Here's the sources I took my info from.

    Green Basilisk Care | Jabberwock Reptiles
    Basilisk Care (lizard, cage, lighting, diet, temp, water, humidity)

    ****And is about the same price range at the CWD. :)
  2. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Running on water isn't something that they "like" to do, its a defense mechjanism and they will do just fine with enough water for them to soak in.
    Just like the water dragon they are arboreal and like to climb.
  3. Lyndsbelle

    Lyndsbelle Elite Member

    That's what I was finding as well Merlin. (about the climbing) However, even though some would say that they like to climb, they would suggest short enclosures of 3-4 feet at most. This did not make sense as everything else sounded just like the CWD. I would also want to allow them plenty of area in the event that someone new was to walk by or for some reason they were spooked.

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