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Rescue-Albino Burmese

Discussion in 'Burmese Pythons' started by stormdas, May 30, 2011.

  1. mld

    mld Subscribed User Premium Member

    She's beautiful, hopefully you can find a good home for her that will appreciate her especially with all that she has gone through! I wish David lived closer to you, he would be a great daddy!
  2. David McConley

    David McConley Elite Member

    Awwww; thanks Michele! You are very kind for thinking so. :D
  3. KristenNC

    KristenNC Elite Member

    She is a beautiful girl. I'm so glad she is healing.
  4. stormdas

    stormdas Well-Known Member

    Here's an update on her. 2 vet visits and her burns are healing nicely. Eating like a champ. Still hates everyone but tolerates me lol. Coloring is much better. Here's a pic cause I know someone is gonna ask for one:

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  5. mld

    mld Subscribed User Premium Member

    Thats wonderful news glad she is healing well and looks better too!

    How did you know that we would ask for pictures!
  6. David McConley

    David McConley Elite Member

    Wow,she is STUNNING!!! How could anyone abuse such a gorgeous creature. I would love 5 minutes alone with that FILTH!!
  7. stormdas

    stormdas Well-Known Member

    Pics are mandatory here are they not?? Lol. I'm glad the filth doesn't have her anymore. In a couple days she's gonna be introduced to a bath I have a feeling someone is gonna be tagged.
  8. missabrat

    missabrat Elite Member

    ooooh getting tagged pics are mandatory too! She is coming along nicely!
  9. David McConley

    David McConley Elite Member

    Has she had her bath yet? Just curious.

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