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Reptisun UVB Compact Bulb for a Steppe Runner in an 18x18x12 Tank

Discussion in 'Habitat Lighting' started by steppelizard, Jan 4, 2014.

  1. steppelizard

    steppelizard Well-Known Member

    Is that safe? I read that someone had mentioned it was designed for smaller animals about the size of an anole. Steppe Runners are tiny(6-8 inches long, including the tail) and the enclosure is small(18x18x12) and the basking rock(limestone I think) is maybe a foot wide with steps so he can decide how much heat he wants. (100ºF) No screen, no glass separating the bulb from the lizard. I have a .5 in there now until the .10 arrives in the mail.

    Is this the safe way to use this bulb? I've read so many bad things about them, but Reptisun is such a good brand... I'm sure these bulbs can be used for something if used correctly. (Blindness in Beardies/Chameleons/Turtles. Basically, bigger reptiles.)

    Oh, and the tip of the bulb is about 7-8 inches from the largest basking area in the double mini dome fixture that was recommended by the company. It is paired with a white light basking bulb.

    The basking rock is also horizontal. A vertical basking spot would cause the poor bugger to stare directly at it and then bad things happen. (like with the Chameleons)

    Other things about the tank:
    No sand.
    Many hiding places.
    He is 5 months old now give or take a week or two.
    Eats Phoenix Worms dusted with d3/vita once a week. (the worms have calcium apparently. correct me if I'm wrong)
    Also eats Roaches, gut loaded on cricket gut load (flukers) and plain cheereos. (I had them on cat food, but it had too much protein and started giving my Leopard Gecko problems. Apparently, Dubia Roaches have enough Protein already from what I researched.)

    Steppe Runner Lizard Care Sheet

    That is a Steppe Runner. ^^^^

    Thank you!
  2. murrindindi

    murrindindi Elite Member

  3. steppelizard

    steppelizard Well-Known Member

    Thank you, murrindindi, but the link you posted was from 2007-2009

    It's unreliable and they haven't updated since like they said they would. I've read the entire article many times. Since they supposedly fixed it, then it must be safe, but for a select group of reptiles.
  4. steppelizard

    steppelizard Well-Known Member

    I guess I'll go ahead and try it out. My Zoo Med tube fixture caught on fire the other day anyway so I might as well. If I notice any squinting or hiding, I'll be sure to remove it and buy another fixture.. I hope that one doesn't catch fire too. Ugh.

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