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Reptile Ideas!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by lizardhoarder139, Oct 12, 2014.

  1. lizardhoarder139

    lizardhoarder139 Elite Member

    Ok guys, I have a fish tank that I will be tearing down, but I thought about it and was curious, maybe there is something out there that will go well in here. It's a 37 gallon. It's 30 inches long, 12 inches deep, and 24 inches high.
    I'm open to snakes and lizards, but am not interested in crested geckos. Like I said I was going to sell this tank, and replace it with a snake rack, but I got curious. So anything out there!!??
  2. toddnbecka

    toddnbecka Well Established Member

    Decent size tank for a male Dominican red mountain boa, they only grow to about 5'. Semi-arboreal, so the height wouldn't be wasted. Awesome disposition, they simply never strike or bite, and great colors too. Would also work for just about any corn or similar sized rat snake.
  3. lizardhoarder139

    lizardhoarder139 Elite Member

    I love that idea!! I'll have to do some research on those guys :p thanks!

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