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Discussion in 'Habitat Lighting' started by replover, Apr 5, 2006.

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  1. replover

    replover Elite Member

    Hi. I have had to move my REP-PRO mercury vapor bulb (Self balastered) further away than it was before, and now at an angle, because of the sudden climate change here in Hong Kong to quite hot. THe two days before, the ig was hiding on either side of the platform away from the light because it was too hot, so I had to do this. I've moved it and at its current distance, the temperature is quite right and IG is comfortable.

    However, now that the light is further away, I need to know what distance is acceptable for UVB output for this bulb. I believe Dominick and the guys over at reptile UV tested these bulbs a while back. Do they have the data charts of this bulb and how far they throw UVB, what is the maximum acceptable distance etc.? As the temperature gets even hotter that's gonna be an even bigger problem.

    I know I can change the entire setup so that everything is different but that isn't what I'm looking into doing now.

    Also, where would I be able to buy one of those lamp clamps without buying the whole ceramic light socket?
  2. empoyner

    empoyner Established Member

    What is the distance you have it now?
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