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Redfooted Tortoises

Discussion in 'Tortoises' started by Yvonne G, Jul 28, 2018.

  1. Yvonne G

    Yvonne G Member

    My redfooted tortoises live in a "rain forest." There is only dappled sun throughout the day, with full sun shining in only in the mornings. There are butterfly bushes, fig trees, rose of sharon trees and a VERY large fruitless mulberry tree that keep it cool and shady throughout the day.

    For moisture, I have a line of T-posts going down through the center of the area with drip line attached at the tops of the T-posts. I use drip emitters that send out a 5' sprinkler-type pattern of water. I turn this on daily about 1p and it runs the rest of the afternoon.

    The tortoises have the lid off of a garbage toter and it is sunk down into the ground, for water. They love going into the water and sometimes on real hot days spend the whole afternoon just sitting in the water. For food, I offer different greens (collard, raddicchio, mustard, endive, escarole, romaine, green leaf, mulberry leaves, grape leaves, etc. And about three times a week I add different kinds of fruit to that. A couple times a week I offer them either hard boiled egg including the shell, or venison/sweet potato Wellness brand dog food.

    My RF tortoises are just coming on adulthood. One of the females pooped out a few eggs last summer, not fully understanding about digging a nest, etc. They weren't fertile, as the male is a few years behind the females in size. I also have a rescued male who is older, but quite deformed (he's up for adoption).

    The RF tortoises have free access to the rainforest, but can retreat to an insulated shed any time. The shed is heated and in the winter they have to stay in the shed with access to a small area outside on warmer days.

    I have to go outside now and take care of the animals, but while I'm out there I'll take some current pictures of the tortoises and their rainforest and continue this thread.
  2. Yvonne G

    Yvonne G Member

    To continue. . .

    Here you can see the overhead drip line:
    RF rain forest a.jpg

    And this is the lid from the garbage toter for water: RF rain forest b.jpg

    This is inside the shed. The door is open, but they haven't come out yet this a.m. I wash out the shed about once a week. It's due for a good washing. Those orange things on the floor are pig blankets (heaters): RF rainforest c.jpg

    This is the deformed male rescue found walking in the street. Owner couldn't be found. Quite the tail on this guy, huh?
    RF rainforest d.jpg

    And while I was at it I thought I'd take a few shots of the Yellowfooted tortoises and their yard and shed:
    YF eating mouse.jpg YF rainforest w.jpg YF rainforest x.jpg YF rainforest y.jpg YF rainforest z.jpg YF shed 10-18-16 a.jpg
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  3. Yvonne G

    Yvonne G Member

    I'm hoping to breathe some life into the tortoise part of this Forum. If any of you keep the RF or YF tortoises, please feel free to post pictures of your animals here on my thread.
  4. Lori68

    Lori68 Established Member

    Quite the spread for those guys :) Aside from the deformed male, they all look in pretty good shape. A reptile rescue where I am had the same thing. A wandering red foot was found going down a back alley and was taken to the rescue. His shell was pyramiding like crazy and his plastron was actually convex instead of flat so he had some severe deformities. Your male doesn't look too bad off

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