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Red Poop? Dx

Discussion in 'Bearded Dragons' started by Mellu, Feb 5, 2011.

  1. mld

    mld Subscribed User Premium Member

    Why, is she not eating at all?
    How are your temperatures now?
    Are you getting the basking temps up to 105-110?
    No need for baby food!
  2. Mellu

    Mellu Active Member

    She wasn't interested in greens either, she might have eaten one measley cricket. I'm thinking she still feels wonky, and the pet store was closed today so I couldn't get my new thermometer unfortunately.
  3. mld

    mld Subscribed User Premium Member

    She probably won't have a great appetite until her basking temps are up. Plus she regurgitated and that can also affect their want to eat. Tomorrow when you pick up the thermometer and the temps are still of you can also use a regular (incandescent) light bulb with your heat bulb to bring up the temps a little more.
  4. Mellu

    Mellu Active Member

    Thanks, I'll definitely do that. I'll update tomorrow night with how she's doing and how my temps worked out!
  5. mld

    mld Subscribed User Premium Member

  6. Mellu

    Mellu Active Member

    She ate some crickets this morning after her bath(which she loved and lapped up some water), now she's basking. Lagu was NOT having this whole waking up early thing. I cuddled him and gave him a bath as well and he was like "yeaaah, no" and went in his cave as soon as I put him back(he's such a diva!).
  7. mld

    mld Subscribed User Premium Member

    Sounds great!
  8. Mellu

    Mellu Active Member

    Just one more question, Lagu pooped(promptly cleaned up) and now I've fed him, he ate well but he will not bask and wants out of his house, do I leave him to glass dance?
  9. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    You might look into providing a visual barrier between the cages so that they cannot see each other. The presence of the larger dragon may be making the little one nervous.
  10. Mellu

    Mellu Active Member

    Merlin that's a good idea, I'm actually trying to find the perfect nook for her home!

    I threw out the background that came with the terrarium and the bit in Mika's, the crickets were actually getting down behind them and hiding from my little monsters. Boyfriend wasn't happy when he woke up, he loved them, I told him we could make them a better one xD.

    So, I bought a good thermometer today and just put it in Lagu's terrarium, with his second light his temps are perfect, when we added the second light it made a huge difference, now I know what I need when I upgrade Mika's as well.

    I'm looking into getting the regular uvb bulbs instead of the coil but it is SO hard to find the fixtures! I figured that the ones that go over fish tanks would work, considering it's the bulb that counts, right? I need to find a study on the coil bulbs, Jason flat out doesn't believe me that the long bulbs are better.

    I picked out a cute shelf liner that kind of looks like sand, Jason loves it. i'll take pictures once I have everything set up properly.
  11. mld

    mld Subscribed User Premium Member

  12. mld

    mld Subscribed User Premium Member

    We love pictures!
  13. Mellu

    Mellu Active Member

    Mld, I am SO ordering that! Thanks :D

    Here are the pics:
    Lagu's pad:

    The pudger chasing crickets:

    Mika's house:
    The thermometer reads 86 'cause I just put it in there after taking it from Lagu's cool end.

    Her bath this afternoon:

    Mika reading my friend's novel(Adestyne) with me xD:

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  14. mld

    mld Subscribed User Premium Member

    Tank looks great, makes it so much bigger when that foam background is gone.
    I just love bath time! Great pictures:)
    They do start reading young, very smart little girl!
  15. Mellu

    Mellu Active Member

    Mika's back!

    Hey guys, just reading through this thread now, it's crazy how much knowledge you can gain in a few months time!!!

    Anyway Mika is now a lil' over 4 months old and has she ever thrived!
    I've been having a heck of a time finding feeders for he because like her momma, she just does NOT like crickets. She's been eating small mealworms, wax worms, butters and small hornworms, mealies are the staple. I know that's not the best but it hasn't hindered her in anyway, quite the opposite. Working on finding a reliable silkworm and reptiworm dealer for Canada that doesn't have OUTRAGEOUS shipping costs.

    I'm applying to a GREAT pet store on monday(yes, they DO exist! lol). I'm hoping once I do that my options will open when it comes to suppliers. They don't stock reptis and silk worms but that doesn't mean they are unavailable to them!

    We did have a parasite problem but the kids are currently being treated for it and coming along nicely. We decided to go the holistic route and are using Reptaid for Mika and Reptaid XL for Lagu. Tanks have been steam cleaned thoroughly. I think Mika brought them into the household, didn't show symptoms and then Lagu got infected and it hit him harder. Mika had a big poopy-full BM today which was well formed and had a slight membrane, so did lagu!

    Lagu and my baby girl, Mika, on mommy's knee.

    Watching Republic of Doyle with me:

    Giving me some cuddles:

    In her big girl house:
    I've since given her a half log to prop her driftwood up a bit so she can get closer to her uvb ^_^

    On momma's mittens:

    "Pancake time!"

    Here are a few of my big boy, lagu:

    "i wuvs my rock"

    "not my most flattering angle, momma!"

    "Can I have some more worms, mummy?"

    Lagu's pimped out crib:

    AAAAAAAAAAND, introducing, Sgt. Pepper!!!!!!! He is a lil' rescue we took in, he's no more than 2-3 weeks old. He was 7 grams and 3-4 inches when we got him(from a girl who had no tank, no lights, no food, nothing just bought him to get him out of the pet store where he wasn't being fed anything at all, then started looking for a home while he hung out in a dresser drawer under a desk lamp! God love her!) other than a sore finger he seems to be doing very well!
    When we got him, on wednesday:

    The next day "Is this what feeling full is like? I APPROVE!"

    "HAI MOMMY!"


    "Who dat? He hansssooom!"

    His first bath:

    His house;

    Sorry for the load of pics, I just wanted to pop in and update ^_^

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  16. Dragonflies

    Dragonflies Banned User

    It's always nice to see people ask questions, and actually listen to the answers, and act on them. Looks like you have some happy beardies there, and I hope that little guy thrives. Just make sure he can get close enough to the UVB, and that you give the supplements more frequently than you do with the older two, he needs it more.
    I doubt if anyone will complain that you've posted too many pics, quite the opposite I expect. LOL
  17. Mellu

    Mellu Active Member

    Thanks ^_^

    He can get as close to his uvb as about 4 inches when he climbs on bunbun, sometimes he climbs the little background and basks under it. it's a lot closer than it looks, lol! Sgt. gets worms dusted once a day and calcium fortified water sprayed on his itty bitty baby salad and more powder in his squash :).

    Mika and lagu can climb to get as close to theirs as they like ^_^.
  18. mld

    mld Subscribed User Premium Member

    Great pictures, Mika has really grown up:x
    Your new rescue look great, love the plush bunny!
    Luga is huge! wow, love the picture of the two of them side by side on your knee.

    Thanks for sharing they all look great!:)
  19. Mellu

    Mellu Active Member

    Thanks guys ^_^ <3

    I seriously could never have made my kids so healthy and happy if it weren't for you folks setting me on the right path!

    My little guy ran out of mini-meal worms the today so I went out and bought him some small crickets, and the little wuss is afraid of them! I bought a tall tub, used double sided tape to stick down some paper towel as "substrate", just something for him to grip. Laid him in, he was like "oh is it bath time?". Then I threw in a cricket and he got all excited and pounced on it, did this 4 more times, then two got out of the shaker bag by accident and he FREAKED OUT! He panicked and starting climbing the side of the tank and sliding back down so I scooped him up, picked out the crickets and placed him back, he panicked again. I kept him on my hand until he calmed down then placed him on the towel. As soon as the next cricket hit the bottom he was climbing again. I ended up hand feeding him 10 more crix before he had enough. I repeated this again a little while later.

    Hopefully with a little consistence with this new feeding regiment he will hunt on his own, he is eating very well though. On top of those crickets he also ate a little bowl of butternut squash baby food, his whole salad and a few diced molted mealies! It was super cute watching him eat the mealies because whenever he got gutso n his nose he would look for something to wipe it off on(pssh I didn't like those pajama pants anyway!). I can't wait to weigh them all tomorrow!

    His last weight in last week he came in at 9 grams, up two from when we got him, Mika was 121grams and Lagu was 450grams!
  20. teach920

    teach920 Subscribed User Premium Member

    Thanks for sharing the pictures. I'm glad that all seem to be doing well.
    Like you, I hope the new little one will indeed learn to hunt on his own in the near future...(if nothing else, he can take some lessons from Lagu...judging from his size, I doubt he misses too many meals;) )
    Thanks for the updated pictures..they are adorable:)

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