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Red Foot Tortoise

Discussion in 'Tortoises' started by Tegu, Sep 24, 2011.

  1. Tegu

    Tegu Elite Member

    I was driving to ny girlfriends house to day and on the way I saw a turtle crossing the road. I thought to myself... "Kristen has been wanting a turtle really bad" So I pulled over, ran about 50 yards, dodged an 18-wheeler and a farm truck. (Yes, I felt like frogger.) It looked like a box turtle as they are common in Oklahoma. But I took a picture of it and showed a lady at the pet store. She told me it was a red foot tortoise. She told me that they aren't native to Oklahoma and that it was probably someones pet. When I showed it to my girlfriend she was very excited and said that she wanted to keep it. So I guess we'll be having a new pet! I will post pictures tomorrow and you guys can tell me if it really is a red foot tortoise. :)
  2. Horselover

    Horselover Elite Member

    That's great! If it turns out that it is a wild tort., then you should release it asap. If not wild, yayness.

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