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Red Foot Tortoise, Memphis Area

Discussion in 'Adoptions' started by stymied, Jul 23, 2008.

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  1. stymied

    stymied New Member


    We have a red-footed tortoise. Our 11-yr old son has been taking care of it for a couple years. He is losing interest in the tortoise and we won't allow it to be neglected so we are going to have to adopt it out.

    I think the tortoise is about 3 years old. Its shell is five inches long. It has had good nutrition and lots of UVB, the shell is not deformed and he seems to me to be a happy, healthy little creature. It is surprisingly bright and it is very engaging for a reptile and we sort of hate to see it go but that's the way it is.

    Please contact me at <> if you might have a good home for it. We are not going to let it go unless we are very sure it is going to an environment where it will be well cared for so it would be great if you have posted some messages on this board and have cared for reptiles for some period of time.

    I can take some pictures of it if you like.


    Ken and Erin
    Memphis, TN USA
  2. LilTanker

    LilTanker New Member

    Hi there. It's been a few weeks since your post but I was wondering if you found a home for your tortoise. If not I'd be interested in adopting him from you. I own 2 redfoots and a box turtle and I'm a veterinary technician that works with all kinds of species of animals including reptiles. Let me know if he's still around. Thanks-
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