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red eyed tree frog

Discussion in 'Tree Frogs' started by TheGreenMan, Jan 18, 2007.

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  1. TheGreenMan

    TheGreenMan Elite Member

    i was wondering how easy is it to keep red eyed tree frogs?
  2. rbl

    rbl MacGyver in real life

  3. Colleen

    Colleen Elite Member

    Here is the link to our new caresheet on Red Eyed Tree Frogs
    Their requirements aren't that difficult but they aren't considered a beginner frog either. These frogs are more of a display then an actual handling frog. If the caresheet doesn't give you all the info you need check the web. Red Eye's are going to be my spring addition to our herps. Ok I promise I won't get any other new species......

    BRIZZY Banned User

    Caresheets are awesome!! haha....Red eye tree frogs are neat. Good luck!
  5. MoogleBass

    MoogleBass Kittes are so nice! Premium Member

  6. TheGreenMan

    TheGreenMan Elite Member

    i already looked at the caresheet i was just looking for a personal oppinon.
  7. Colleen

    Colleen Elite Member

    Like I said they will be my spring addition to our collection. I have been researching them for about 6-8 months now. I think they are going to be a challenge but something I can handle. The enclosure is going to take some time to get just how I want as I'm not using an aquarium. They are a herp I have all ways been impressed with. I wouldn't mind some poison darts but I have to work up to that.
  8. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    The caresheet will give you the overall maintainence requirements. The level of difficulty in caring for any given species depends on what you yourself think is difficult to provide and how much energy, time, and money, you have to expend.
    A species that one person considers "simple" may be far too complex and troublesome for someone else to deal with.
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