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Red and "Aqua Blue" Iguana Crosses

Discussion in 'Green Iguanas' started by Shintarou, Jul 15, 2014.

  1. Shintarou

    Shintarou Member

    First post here!
    So I've got one of those "aqua blue" iguanas from Petco. He/she (still a hatchling) is very blue and pretty, and I was wondering if anyone here knows what the resulting offspring would look like if I bred him/her with one of Petco's red iguanas, later on down the road. :)
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  2. Poison

    Poison Elite Member

    Don't know if those morphs are dominant or co-dominant etc. But they are both the same species, Green Iguana (Iguana iguana)
  3. CryHavoc17

    CryHavoc17 Elite Member

    Well axanthic blues are a recessive mutation that removes most yellow pigment, turning a normally green animal a bright blue/turquoise. So if you bred a blue to a red (talkng the common red line bred iguanas, not the much rarer genetic mutation reds) you would produce babies with varying amounts of red that were all het for axanthic. So first generation wouldn't give you anything visually interesting. What happens when you breed a high red het axanthic to an visual axanthic? I have absolutely no idea. I suspect that you wouldnt see any red influence, and they would just looking like regular blues. But that is just speculation. As far as I know that hasnt been done before, or if it has the results aren't publicly known. I spent a bunch of time googling this and came up empty.
  4. Shintarou

    Shintarou Member

    That makes sense, thank you Havoc :)
    I didn't really find much information either. I was hoping someone had tried and photographed the results...

    - I guess this just gives me something to look forward to trying!
  5. NewMorph

    NewMorph New Member

    A man from Indonesia had a clutch from parents that were Red het Axanthic x Red. FB_IMG_1440403388186.jpg FB_IMG_1440403383718.jpg
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  6. Kirzaka

    Kirzaka New Member

    I just got a Aqua blue female from Petco. Been wondering the same thing.
    Gonna start researching. I have found out but will have to verify that the supplier is Apet in Illinois, and that they have like 40 breeders in the Chicago area that supply them?
    Am taking this info with a grain of salt, but can be a lead for more information.
    My interest is to also get a male, will have two separate exhibits dwellings for them. To breed or not to breed is a question, but have a interest.
    Gut feeling is if they are siblings or cousins then no.....?
    But if there are many breeders, hopefully there is a deep gene pool.
    They are a beautiful animal!
    If anyone has information and suggestions on their husbandry, and a first time owners guidance, would be much appreacieted!
    This is my first Iguana, have read up on them off and on over the past 20 + years. So am excited.
    Rock On! :)
  7. Kirzaka

    Kirzaka New Member


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