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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Rich, May 18, 2014.

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    First and foremost, thanks to everyone who has been reporting the spam. We deal with it the moment we see it or get the notice. The morons posting the spam are pretty pathetic and stupid. They apparently have stolen a large amount of older email accounts, many originating from Australia, and that is what they are using to join forums across the net. I am trying to stop them from joining the site on my end but when they are "real" people, using a real email account, it is extremely tough. The site requires them to answer a question based on an image, a puzzle based on an image and that they verify their email account. They are making it through each of these parameters, as a real person would. This site is not the only site being hit. I know about all of the hacked email accounts because it is an issue on other boards I am familiar with as well. Every spammer who gets flagged is reported to This prevents them from using the email they used to register on this site, as well as the IP they used. So once I report them, they can't use any other site that is also attached to It blacklists that user. (Our registration system also checks that site before someone registers and has prevented 40952 registrations to date on HC.) We are trying our best to stop them! At some point they are either going to get tired of wasting their time here or all of the emails will be blocked. Simply keep reporting them as you encounter them and thanks again!
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