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Reasons for Keeping Venomous Snakes

Discussion in 'General Venomous' started by Microscope Jockey, Nov 16, 2004.

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  1. Bitten & Clawed

    Bitten & Clawed Active Member

    It started out as extracting rattlers from friends yards. Kept one once. That's all it took. Much like keeping a larger monitor, it is a whole different rehlm of reptile keeping. One I was instantly hooked on.
  2. ryanpb

    ryanpb Elite Member

    I think the only venomous snake i would particulary want would be some type of cobra. i find them facinating. But do to the deadly nature, and risk, not only to myself, but others around me, as well as my animals, i doubt i would ever actualy accuire one, maybe if it was i take it in as a recue, or it gets put down or housed with someone who would mistreat it, i would, but i wouldnt really go out and look for one. But i can understand people who have them, many are incredible creatures. as for the venomoid procedure, i never really looked into it, i think if other than taking the venom out of the snake it would'nt harm the snake in any way, i would most likely go through with it, however like i said, if i were to have one of these snakes it would be a rescue. I think i would rather milk the snake for venom, maybe slowly build up an immunity to it. There are people who are unfazed from the bite of a King Cobra (in no way is a king cobra's venom near the strongest, but they deliver more per bite than many other snakes) I have a gecko i cannot handle, so i understand having animals just to watch them, but for tank mantainance i would not want to worry about being knocked out/killed, allowing the snake to get free.
    thats just my opinion though.
  3. Bitten & Clawed

    Bitten & Clawed Active Member

    Cobras have fascinated me for years as well. My experience is limited to my 3 Vipers and some yard extractions. Some day cobras for sure. We are looking forward to checking out some Red Diamondbacks this spring just southeast of us. Maybe head out to Barstow and look for sidewinders.
  4. CrotalusCo

    CrotalusCo Member

    venomous snakes are kept for the same reasons you keep a cornsnake. Some people are just attracted to their beauty. I for one was not overly impressed with snakes until I got my first snake which was a 4' Mojave rattlesnake. I do not keep them for ego and am too old to be concerned with such childish behavior. There is one fact alone that keeps me hooked on venomous. They have a unique personality that i just dont see in many other snakes like lazy sit there and do nothing ball pythons.

    I have been keeping and breeding rattlesnakes for over 10 years now. If they are handles and cared for properly they can make amazing display animals.

    Snakes arent PETS they dont show love affection and if you set them on the floor across the room they will never come to you wanting to be close. Snakes are display animals and in my opinion venomous snakes make the best display
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