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Rearranging My Snake's Tank...

Discussion in 'Ball Pythons' started by scoot, Oct 19, 2015.

  1. scoot

    scoot Active Member

    And I was wondering if this is a doable set up and not too crowded? Not sure if my younger ball will know the difference (and he's going to have a bigger tank when I can afford one, and he's still fairly small for being his assumed age).
    I've been reading that they're okay with burrowing about.

    His hide box on the left side (cool side) is a pink pillow case, the one I was given to take him home in. He's always burrowing into it, seems to like it. Shredded some paper towel just so he has something to hide under (plastic plants went to my lizards). Substrate is paper towel, water bowl is a deeper repti-dish.

    Right side (warm side) has a new log he fits under and that's where the heat pad is, red light is over it when there are colder days/nights/AC is left on by roommies.

    Branch in the middle was from petsmart and I managed to fit it in there. Figured he might take to climbing and curling around that instead of shoving up against the metal top and thinking he can get out. That, and pulling his therm/hygometer off his tank for the millionth time.

    BTW: I live in Florida so the humidity is always around 60-80 indoors, temp around 78 flat, so the tank doesn't need much assistance staying cool/warm. Temp was up for a bit when I thought he was getting an RTI (thought I saw mucus in his mouth). He seems perfectly fine now. Absolutely no symptoms and I'm trying not to get paranoid. He feeds every week, every other week, one to two small mice (petsmart rips me off with prices).

    Really hoping to get a 25-35 gallon tank for a good price soon enough.
    Any recommendations there? Already looking on craigslist.
  2. Darkbird

    Darkbird Elite Member

    The only major issue I see isn't really all that bad, but that pillowcase will need to be laundered frequently, where a plastic hide could be scrubbed and put right back in when dirty. Plus the pillowcase will need to be washed separately with only the tiniest amount of detergent if any, so you may have to hand wash it all the time. Normally I would recommend getting rid of the screen top, but you shouldn't have issues with that ambient humidity, unless you have central air or something.
    As for caging, that's a whole long subject on its own. To be blunt, fish tanks normally make horrible cages on their own. They can work, and work well, but there is often a list of things that need to be modified to make them work. And there are a lot of options to consider as well. If you want a display cage, several companies make very nice cages out of a pvc material, animal plastics being one of my favorites. These are durable, hold heat and humidity well, and are very light for their size. Downside is the cost, they are not cheap. They will last forever though. There are other options too, there are a couple companies making cages out of melamine too. Cheaper, but much heavier and less durable. Another way to go, especially if you are planning on getting more then one snake and need to conserve space, is to get a rack. While you lose the display aspect, you gain the ability to keep a number of animals in a relatively small space without compromising their care. And with ball pythons, a lot of them will spend the majority of their time hiding anyway, even when they have other options. And the last option to be considered is DIY. Building your own caging or rack can save you a ton of cash, but you have to have some tools and a bit of skill to get the job done. Or at least have a friend who has those and is willing to help. I realize I've probably just given you a large amount of thinking and research to do, but it will be worth it for you and your animal/s in the end.
  3. TamJam

    TamJam Elite Member

    I agree with Darkbird about that pillowcase. Plus the snake is a boy, right? He may not know that he is not supposed to like pink. Just joking! But remove it, yes.
    I like the setup otherwise.
    Your being in Florida, where it is warm and humid, makes a glass fish tank acceptable, I think, if everything is good and secure in the tank. All my snakes are in glass fish tanks (Jamaica - no problem). Makes an absolutely stunning display if set up nicely.
  4. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Make that another against the pillowcase. In a high heat high humidity enclosure, cloth s going to be a serious breeding ground for mold and bacteria.
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