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Re-homing Dubias

Discussion in 'Feeders' started by SharkStars, Apr 9, 2017.

  1. SharkStars

    SharkStars New Member

    Not sure if this is the appropriate place to ask but along with some leopard geckos I recently adopted I was given a small colony of Dubai.
    But the leos really rarely eat them and the roommate does not dig having them in the house.
    So if anyone lives in driving distance of West Chester PA and might want some I'm looking to have someone take them off my hands.
    There's 1 male and at last count 8-10 females some sub adults and plenty of babies.
  2. Rich

    Rich Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    I wish I lived closer. A 6 hour drive isn't worth it for Dubias. I could start a second colony. My Chameleon and Bearded dragon love them.
  3. Jsilverback64

    Jsilverback64 Established Member

    They are easy and cheap to ship. If you're willing I'll take them in Massachusetts
  4. kriminaal

    kriminaal HH Block Leader Staff Member Premium Member

    Yea package them up and ship them out. Deli containers with holes in the lids and taped on.

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