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Racking Systems?

Discussion in 'HH General Discussion' started by GoldDust, Feb 10, 2012.

  1. GoldDust

    GoldDust Well-Known Member

    Alright so this will be a lengthy post, but I really need to get some answers and can't seem to get some straight ones.

    What do you guys think of rack systems for ball pythons? I've seen some nice ones, and I haven't heard much complaint wise about them, but then again, a lot of my answers probably don't come from fellow enthusiasts. If you don't like them, please tell me WHY you don't like them.

    If I get the okay, as in they are suitable and comfortable for them, then.. can someone please explain how heat tape works? I know how to assemble it, but where would I put it -- the bottom, underneath the enclosures, or in the back? Can the heat tape cause a fire on the wood frame, or melting of the plastic? (It will be used with a thermostat, to control temps.) And are there any good tutorials on this website about setting up a rack system? I've slowly been able to put together some videos on how to build them, but none of them really look how I want them to.
    If I DO make a rack system, I'm going to decorate it so it doesn't really look like one. Everyone will have decorations, hides, and everything the same as they would in their tanks. I don't want to sacrifice their comfort!

    If you don't like racking systems, could I get some tips then on alternative methods? My reptile room needs some organization, because right now tanks and wires are everywhere and it just looks like a hot mess.
    I do intend to breed when my babes are big enough, so if an alternative method is decided upon, keep in mind that it would need to be big enough to fit a few more pairs and some babies.

    Thanks for reading, guys. :)
  2. mld

    mld Subscribed User Premium Member

    I don't own snakes but have worked with people who breed and rack system seem to work great.
    I'm sure someone will be by with some experience with them.
    Knox made some nice ones, you can check out his thread on them.

    In the meantime, not sure if you have seen this article, but it pretty much says everything about heat tape;
    Wiring Heat Tape

    There is another article on building a rack system that you may want to look at!
    Breeding Rack Plans - 1
  3. GoldDust

    GoldDust Well-Known Member

    mld, you're always so helpful. :) Thank you so much.
    The breeding rack plans look awesome, I'll give everything a thorough read.

    And that's what I'm thinking, I have never heard a lot of complaints, and my favorite breeder uses them and all of his snakes are happy and healthy, with no shedding problems or anything like that.
  4. mld

    mld Subscribed User Premium Member

  5. GoldDust

    GoldDust Well-Known Member

    Wow, yeah, knox's look awesome and I could probably take the same general idea and build it bigger (I originally type "big it builder"..I haven't even woken up yet, apparently.)
  6. Wyldrose

    Wyldrose Elite Member

  7. GoldDust

    GoldDust Well-Known Member

    That's a good idea, using an old dresser for a rack. Half of the time, too, if you don't have one laying around you can get them on craigslist for cheap or even free :) and there's really not much work to be done to something like that... hmm, I'll have to take a look around.
  8. JoeyG

    JoeyG Subscribed User Premium Member

    Racks really just depend on what you want to do with the animals. If you're going to breed I would say it's the most efficient way to go. Display I would go with normal enclosures. For what you're thinking I'd say a rack definately. Reptiles are not like dogs or cats that need attention and affection, as long as you meet their needs they'll thrive just fine being left alone :)
  9. GoldDust

    GoldDust Well-Known Member

    Alright! Thank you for the advice! I'm thinking I'm going to build a rack and fit each one like it's an enclosure, use a locking sliding glass door and put some light strips at the top to light them up. With a plan I found, it would work extremely well. And then I'm thinking of keeping my favorites, like my bumble bee and my soon-to-be zebra bee, and my spider, in enclosures around the house. While I do plan to breed, I would want to be able to access the rack system easily as I want to handle daily, or every other day, so that if/when I do sell my hatched babies they're still very friendly. :)

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