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Rack and Tub

Discussion in 'Help *General*' started by volkert13b, May 3, 2011.

  1. volkert13b

    volkert13b Well-Known Member

    ok so in a short note i could not own anymore reptiles because the wife didnt want any more cages but we agreed if i kept them in tubs she is ok with my question is:

    can you actually keep leopard geckos, snakes, skinks, etc most reptiles in the appropriate size tubs for the duration of their life provided the have the right living conditions and heating/light?
  2. aquarles

    aquarles Elite Member

    I would love to hear an answer to this question also! I been wondering about it for a while for those of us who don't have much room but love our reptiles :)
  3. mld

    mld Subscribed User Premium Member

    Wow, that really sucks! Did you have reptile before you married her? no of my business, sorry.

    Breeders do it!

    I could see someone doing it with snakes but for lizards, it seems a little weird.
    What about having a reptile room, just to keep them in! Like a man cave, no wives allowed.

    Good Luck! Maybe she will change her mind! I know that Marriage is give and take but its nice to compromise!

    Welcome to the site!
  4. Knox

    Knox Elite Member

    Take a look at some Snakebytes videos. You will see Brian and they guys at BHB keep their animals in tubs - at least their snakes and Leopard Geckos.

    I don't know about other lizards - I am sure most others need height and UVB lighting.

    So, yes - snakes and Leos are fine in appropriate sized tubs for life. What size the tubs are could be up for debate, but large scale breeders don't seem to have problems with it.
  5. aquarles

    aquarles Elite Member

    That's good to hear. I know I didn't even post this question but am glad to hear some answers! lol
  6. volkert13b

    volkert13b Well-Known Member

    yeah thanks guys. yeah i had reptiles before hand but had to put them up for adoption because i was deployed. now getting back into it. she doesnt want all the cages..and personally i dont either. i do have a man cave its just all the cages tend to get expensive and personally racks are a little more orangized. i do have a adult bp in a 40 gallon tank, leopard gecko in a 20gallong long and a crested gecko in a 10 gallong turned on its side
  7. Jflores

    Jflores Elite Member


    However speaking from experience, I know how you feel, My wifey told me the same thing once my collection started to hit double digits, So I decided to build a racking system and place it in the middle of the living room XD (when she got home she made move it to a corner) Anyways since then I have been keeping all of my leopard geckos, African Fat Tails, corn snakes and western hognose snakes in the racking system, without any problems as a matter of fact some of my geckos starting eating more and where in better health overall. Just remember to do a little research before you place the reptile in tubs
  8. Knox

    Knox Elite Member

    This is my latest build. Tall tubs (110qt) replicate tanks, but with the light weight and vertical stackability of a rack.


    Will probably build more in the future. I enjoy the work.

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  9. Knox

    Knox Elite Member

    Would love to see your gecko rack. I have a Reptile Basics Iris CB70 rack I have been trying to sell, but since no one is scooping it up I thought about getting into Leos with it.
  10. volkert13b

    volkert13b Well-Known Member

    now my question to all..what type of tubs are you only concern is the uth getting to hot for the plastic..i do have thermostats to set the temp.

    also can anyone point me in a direction to a good article or guide on using reptiles in tubs..i dont plan on putting anything like frilled dragon or anything like that in them just leos, fat tails, and corns, kings, etc
  11. aquarles

    aquarles Elite Member

    Knox, I love that rack system! I want one just like that but with only 2 tubs. I want to put my corn snake in one of the tubs and possiibly a gecko in the other. I don't know if that will work since the sizing between them will be pretty great, but I am going to do more research on it.
  12. Knox

    Knox Elite Member

    Search Youtube for "Snake Rack", "Leopard Gecko Rack" etc... And google as well. That will give you far more than we can type here.

    Thanks for the kind words on my rack. Each time I build, I improve upon the mistakes I have made in the past. I still learned a thing or two from this one.
  13. Jflores

    Jflores Elite Member

    This is my gecko/ Snake rack, I built this baby late last year and to my amazement it hasn't fallen apart, please excuse the mess i was watering and feeding the hatchlings.


    As for tub sizes I actually use the Iris media tubs, they are stronger not to mention longer than your average 15 or 16 qt.

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  14. aquarles

    aquarles Elite Member

  15. Knox

    Knox Elite Member

    Thanks for the pic nice gecko rack!

    On the question of tubs... A you tube or google search will give far more information than I can type here. However for corns and kings a 41 quart tub is generally accepted as being good for adults.
  16. aquarles

    aquarles Elite Member

    What about the under tank heater? Is there anything special that you use or tricks that you do if using it for a plastic container?
  17. Jflores

    Jflores Elite Member

    Thanks!! it took me about 3 hours to build this puppy.

    +1 on the tub answer,

    From what I have read leopard geckos can be easily housed in 15qt tubs however bigger is always better.

    Based from my experience I used to uses sterilite 15 qt, but one day after spending hours at Wal-Mart I found these cool looking tubs that were about the same width as a 15 qt however they were double the length..Personally I Love this tubs...

    this is the link for the tubs that I use ( I have used these tubs for the past year and have not had any problems)
    Book Storage Box MCB-BK - IRIS USA Inc - storage and organization products home

    This is the link to a 15 qt sterilite
    Sterilite - 1753: 15 Quart ClearView Latch™ Box
  18. Jflores

    Jflores Elite Member

    As far as heating goes for the racking system there are two options that I am familiar with the first is heat rope and the second is heat tape. Personally I use heat tape for both of my racks.

    As far as controlling the temp it is highly recommended that you purchase a digital thermostat in order to control how hot it gets.

    (Please note, I am not a professional, this information is based on my experience)
  19. purplemuffin

    purplemuffin Elite Member

    As far as the under tank heater getting too hot..hook it up to a thermostat! Most people with racks use flexwatt heat tape hooked up to a thermostat rather than heat pads.

    Basically the rule of thumb for tubs is treat them like cages...make sure the floorspace meets that of an appropriately sized cage, make sure temps are good in the front and back end of the tub, etc. Oh and don't forget a few holes in them if you are using the lid. We have extra tubs for our animals that fit their size requirements but we have the room for our cages and like to be able to see them better! The tubs are useful if we know we will be gone for a certain amount of time and need to take them with us, though.
  20. aquarles

    aquarles Elite Member

    I need to look into some heat tape then :)

    What about lighting? Do geckos require lights if they have belly heat and are being kept in a plastic tub?

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