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Discussion in 'Emerald Tree Boa/Arboreal Boas' started by Josh, Jan 5, 2009.

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  1. Josh

    Josh Elite Member

    my quick question is how much do emerald tree boas ussually cost or how much green tree pythons usually cost?
  2. ryanpb

    ryanpb Elite Member

    The Price can Vary Greatly, Especially with Green Tree Pythons.

    I tend to see ETBs in the $400-$1000 price range,
    While Chondros Can be from $300-$3000 And Well Above..

    It really depends on the snakes themselves, age, coloration, sex, locale, and many other factors.

    Try Checking the Classifieds
  3. titus

    titus Elite Member Premium Member

    The prices sound about right here you would have to pay at least $100 USD more. For coloration I find the amazon tree boas just as nice for a lower price $100-400 USD here in germany, But their attitude is much different.
  4. bubbasmithson

    bubbasmithson New Member

    emeralds vary in price in the states from what i have seen they are a lot cheaper then they are in canada. Just make sure the condition of the snake is good before you get into more then you want to handle. P.S dont get bit emeralds probably have one of the worse bites i have seen.:p
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