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Discussion in 'Common/Red Tail Boa' started by krazykaty27, May 8, 2014.

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    I recently lost my 3 yr old red tailed boa- Julie

    I am seriously thinking its in fault of the vet though..any opinions, info would be greatly appreciated.

    Julie had a mild case of mouth-rot, I recognized the symptoms and took her immediately to the vet, unfortunately with it being a small town there weren't many choices of Hep vets. Upon arrival, the vet indeed diagnosed her with mouth rot and prescribed Ketohex Wipes..and baytril in a liquid form (which i was told later was a liquid meant for injecting..not giving orally) 3 days later she was gone :(

    I noticed after she passed that on the label for the wipes it says not for oral use, yet he had me cleaning out her mouth 2 times a day with them. Curious, I researched online and I could not find ANY information on them being used for snakes..and the information I could find about the wipes themselves were kind of unsettling, for use on dogs,cats,and not use around eyes or mucous membranes, do not let the animal lick itself until product is dry...

    So I decided to be sneaky..I called another vet a little further off (didn't tell them my snake had passed) but told them I was concerned about the product given to her by another vet because of what it said on the label..They said due to the fact it was given by a licensed vet they couldnt tell me NOT to use it..but it was certainly not what they would use..offered to make me an appointment for her asap..and referred me to the manufacturer.

    So called the manufacturer..spoke with a very very helpful woman named Karen who told me she was taking all my info and forwarding it to their vet support group..who called me back the next day. They said the only animals the Ketohex wipes were approved for were dogs,cats and horses because those were the only animals that they had been tested on.Due to 2 of the main chemicals in the wipes it was recommended not to let the animal ingest it. He said the vet could have used it off label.

    My question is..where do I go from here..does anyone have any experience with the Ketohex wipes with treatment for mouth rot? Is it normal/legal for a vet to take it upon themselves to use a product off label?

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