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Discussion in 'Green Iguanas' started by TiberiuS, Jun 27, 2007.

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  1. TiberiuS

    TiberiuS New Member

    Hello everybody! I am a new iguana owner and I have a few questions on my mind about it! The iguana I have is a 4 months old juvenile and the things i want to know are:
    1. what is the best diet for a iguana this age?
    2. is it harmful or dangerous to keep my iguana exposed to sunlight if it passes through a glass
    3. what should be the length of a 4 months old iguana(optimum size or something - guess there must be one)
    Thanks for your time guys!!!
    Best regards,
  2. venus

    venus Founding Member

  3. Rich

    Rich Administrator Staff Member Premium Member


    Welcome to the site. Your first question can be answered here (Bookmark this page): Iguana Foods

    The second is is yes. If the iguanas enclosure is directly in front of a window, you could cook him. The suns light won't harm him, but the heat from that light can make a tank turn into an oven.

    What type of UV lighting are you using with your iguana? Glass filters out UV, so the sun isn't giving him any through a window if that is what you were wondering.

    Size is depictive of the husbandry the iguana has received. A 4 month old iguana though is still small. (Compared to the 5-6 feet it will become. lol)
  4. TiberiuS

    TiberiuS New Member

    Thanks a lot for the answers guys! I meant sunlight through a glass just for the iguana to warm up like keeping it on a window or stuff like that not putting the entire enclosure in direct sunlight. By the how and where should i place the UV light?
    My iguana is about 30cm long... Is that ok or is it small for its age? From what I can tell it looks pretty healthy. I feed it dandylions everyday and I combine the rest. Should I change it from its diet?
  5. Rich

    Rich Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    You need to feed it a steady diet of high calcium greens. Dandelions are good, as are dandelion greens, but the iguana needs more. (Much more.)

    Collard, Mustard, and Dandelion Greens are pretty good choices, but they need to be combined. Feeding one specific food item isn't going to give a balanced nutritional diet.

    in addition to the greens, you need to add some veggies. Shaved or shredded squashes are great. They are pretty high in calcium and fairly low in phosphorus.

    Fruits can also be added to the diet. Melons are really good for hydration as well as their vitamins.

    You should have the UV light over the iguanas basking spot.

    You should read this page through:

    Green Iguana Caresheet

    Its a bit of reading, but it will cover all of the basics for setup, lighting, heating, diet, etc. It will get you on your way. If after reading that you still have questions, we will be here. You should also consider purchasing the book: Green Iguana, The Ultimate Owners Manual by James Hatfield
  6. TiberiuS

    TiberiuS New Member

    Thanks guys you have been of a lot of help to me!!! My iguana will not forget you when it grows up!!! :p
    Best regards,
  7. Kendalle

    Kendalle Elite Member

    I would get the ultamite iguana's manual by james hatfeild

    If you have your iguana in a glass fishtank thing you shouldn't put it in the sunlight.. its too risky that you would forget it and it would over heat and die.

    for heat you need a heat lamp. and you need a uvb light

    the book will tell you the foods, the habitat, and everything you need to know about your iguana its an amazing book
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