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Questions for my idea

Discussion in 'General Construction' started by Dana, Sep 24, 2004.

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  1. Dana

    Dana Active Member

    Hey everyone;
    I'm designing a "home" for Baby Boy and I came across something and I want to make sure he's NOT going to get sick from it!
    What kind of stain or varnish can I use on the inside of his tank if any?
    I was thinking of using "bathroom paneling" because it being waterproof against the humidity! Should I use paneling nails to secure it? If NOT then what can I use?
    When I finish this one for Baby Boy I'm going to have to build one for Little Bit eventually! LOL She's 22" at the moment!
    Thought I would ask for Baby Boy and be able to help someone else out as well.... :cool:
  2. Jay DeMore

    Jay DeMore Elite Member

    I'm a big fan of the waterproof paneling, you can do two things: Laminate it to plywood using liquid nails or use short drywall screws to attach it. The attachment is a "feeding tub" used for the larger snakes. It's 36"X36"X18". And the fron is acrylic.

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