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Discussion in 'Burmese Pythons' started by MalformedMessiah, Sep 17, 2004.

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  1. MalformedMessiah

    MalformedMessiah Elite Member

    Would it be ok to house 2 young burms together, that I plan to breed as they get older?
  2. Todd

    Todd Elite Member

    Off the top of my head, I would say to house them separately until its time to encourage mating. I'll get a Burm guy for you, so hang tight for a bit. :)
  3. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Personally I wouldn't house them together. As a general rule snakes that are kept together are frequently reluctant to breed. Also if you have any problems regarding regurg, pooping etc, you won't know which one had the problem.
  4. kenman1963

    kenman1963 Moderator

    Agree with Merlin......WHen you want to breed em........let them then be house together
  5. MalformedMessiah

    MalformedMessiah Elite Member

    excellent....thanks alot guys
  6. Lord_Jason

    Lord_Jason Active Member

    First, I would like to put in some input on this issue.

    Younger snakes, IE: less than 6 months old; can be housed together but it is not reccomended. There are a few cases of cannibalism in snakes, and some snakes will eat snakes that are as large as they are if threatened. Secondly, the snakes can still breed if housed together for a short period of time, but I wouldnt reccoemnd it, especially since your female will mature alot slower than your male.

    Thirdly, Im not going to harp about the responsibility of owning large snakes, and/or breeding them, but I will say this: The burmese python market is shot, especially with normals and/or hets. You may be able to sell a FEW of them, but for the most part you're gonna have alot of hatchlings that are un-wnated and hard to get rid of. I have seen normal babies as low as 9$ a head to wholesale to petstores, and this just isnt right. I would SERIOUSLY consider breeding a different animal that the demand isnt so high for. They do make awesome pets, but right now it isnt smart to be breeding them.

    I hope this helps you

  7. MalformedMessiah

    MalformedMessiah Elite Member

    Wow....I appreciate the insight Lord_Jason. The only canadian breeder I could find was out of British Columbia, and he wants $450 for a pair of Het Patternless Albino burm's, and I thought that was a pretty good deal. I've always loved Burm's....might just get myself a female now....or hold off until Bob Clark's blonde offspring is up for their already reserve lol....but either way I'm going to have to actually move a few provinces over because of my love for constrictors, due to retarded laws here....all constrictors (yes...even those as small as BP's and Children's Pythons) are banned here....yet you can legally own alligators and crocodiles...but yeah....once again thanks for all the quick answers everyone, and Lord_Jason anymore insight into the breeding market would be much appreciated.(as I'm just entertaining the ideas and possibilities right now)
  8. Lord_Jason

    Lord_Jason Active Member

    If you want some market advice, I think I can do you well. The BEST thing for you to do is go to a reptile expo that is in the US and then bring them back with you. Get a female burm of any pattern and a male retic and try to breed them together. They should be less than 100$ for the pair, and you'll be able to produce some hybrids that are hard to get, but easy to sell off for a large amount of money. This will help you get into the blonde market, as well as the retic morph market.

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