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python size

Discussion in 'Pythons *General*' started by ddakota10530, Mar 1, 2007.

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  1. caudalis_sa

    caudalis_sa Elite Member

    well in southafrica they are super expensive! $350 over here!!!! i need me one of those! back home lets see...the only one i know that is avaliable is 8000 rand and it is a yearling. Thats ummm just over US$1000 and very cheap! And also being a more admired and prized snake in the pet trade...if you killed one because you are a beginner i would be pretty angry.

    don't get me wrong...i am not saying anyone here is a beginner. I don't really know any of you at all. I just find on forums...everyone is an "expert"...i am not even saying i am one. But i still think the person here is just wanting a snake for size(another debate i am not going to start) so i don't see the point in getting a woma as a beginner snake...(and yeah a woma only gets aropund 5ft...not anywhere near 10-12ft as he wanted). So yeah i would rather not have a species that is considored endangered in the wild a beginner snake
  2. HerpsinIN

    HerpsinIN Member

    Womas are actually very hardy! Yes, you would be upset if you lost a $350 snake whether you are a beginner or an expert, however, there arent many snakes that are around 10-12ft and are "inexpensive." When I suggested it, I said that they dont get to the length the original poster wanted, however, some do get in the 8ft range.

    As for keeping an endangered species in captivity, I dont see your point at all! First off, they are from Australia, so there is no importing and exporting of animals. So what we do have in the US will NOT affect the "wild" womas over in Australia. Second, having an endangered specied in captivity is actually a good thing as you can help keep the species from become extinct through breeding captive animals.

    I honestly think that a woma would be good for this person as they stay a manageable size, are VERY docile, have EXCELLENT feeding responses, and they are amazing looking (ok the last one is my personal opinion!).

    I dont know why you immediately shot down the idea for the original poster to look into womas. I myself am a beginner in snakes (have corn snake previously for about 5 months prior to gettign the woma) and find this species to be PERFECT for a beginner.

    I think they are better than a Ball python as balls are known for their irregular feedings where as a woma has a great feeding response. When I got mine, he was feedin on live rat pups. I prefer F/T and all I had to do was offer him the F/T and he took them with out hesitation.

    Not sure where you got the idea that I thought I was an "expert" but I am the first to admit, I am far from near! Personally though, I think that if you are going to give advice about a species, have some experience with them first.
  3. caudalis_sa

    caudalis_sa Elite Member

    ahhh i never ever intended on starting an argument here...the poor guy just wanted some advice on what snake to get. Was just what i choice for him. I never blew your idea on a woma away at all. i never once said a woma is hard to keep(actually they are super easy to keep)...amazing snakes and very docile as you said. I also never even suggested you thought you were an expert...! I always seem to get people offended for no reason and trying to start argument...WHY ME?...this is going to turn into a pointless argument for no reason. I was not trying to contradict anyone with your idea...just i think a boa would find its place better for the guy.
    that is why you only suggested a woma which is good. I am glad to see a person give advice when they have sufficient knowledge on a species they have worked with...some people just give advice because they feel like it.Who says i have never worked with a woma or the ever so common boas for that matter(even though i have not had some species in my cllection i still have worked with them in other projects)? And i never said it is were just giving the guy possibilities which is cool. Was no direct attack at you if you thought that... this is a friendly place where we can share ideas... please don't turn it into a battle field.

    Man....ahhh's all good. I am not in the mood for a stupid debate.
    *offers friendly handshake*
    They are known to get 8ft but not commonly. I did say they are endangered in the "wild". Just the idea of one dying for silly reasons would make me mad..even in the usa or where ever. And yes keeping a cb woma will not affect endangered populations...but yeah just the thought. good luck with you woma dude. How long have you had it?
  4. venus

    venus Founding Member

    Please keep the thread on topic. I dont think anyone is claiming to be an expert, they are just giving opinions/person experience, lets keep it friendly :)
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