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Protein Content in Roach Chow

Discussion in 'Feeders' started by aromatherapykim, Sep 3, 2014.

  1. aromatherapykim

    aromatherapykim Elite Member

  2. Gaaaaaaaaaard

    Gaaaaaaaaaard Elite Member

    A good read and certainly worth reading for any reptile keeper. Especially since I've noticed a pretty large migration from crickets to dubias around here. I'd be willing to bet most people don't realize the issues with it. I didn't. It also leads me to wonder about my uromastyx and if he's getting enough water in his diet.
  3. DwarvenChef

    DwarvenChef Elite Member

    Read that last year, very informative. While I haven't moved to roaches I do plan to, once I'm able.
  4. Darkbird

    Darkbird Moderator Staff Member

    I read that a while back too, actually changed the way I feed my roaches a bit. Now I just use a higher protein diet with young roaches I'm trying to grow a bit faster, and not often for that. At some point I still want to set up a colony and feed the bug burger exclusively just to see the results.
  5. aromatherapykim

    aromatherapykim Elite Member

    DwarvenChef how do you live without dubia?!?!?!?!
  6. DwarvenChef

    DwarvenChef Elite Member

    LOL I'm actualy looking at Lats for my roach colony. Much smaller and faster, my lizards love the darting around.
  7. Gaaaaaaaaaard

    Gaaaaaaaaaard Elite Member

  8. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    lateralis, another species of cockroach.

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