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Pre-killed Vrs Live

Discussion in 'Feeders' started by Jaeger1rainbow1boa, Aug 17, 2014.

  1. Pre-killed vs Live

    I recently got a CRB he is on live hoppers but I dont want him to get bit so figured I would try frozen ..worst case I have a Pac man that might eat it ?? Or me while I wiggle it in front of him (I have never even though if frozen before) so I go get a hopper cashier advised a bag of crap too. get home and fill a cup with hot water dip the mouse check the mouse for at least 10 min... finally give it to the snake ... took to it no problem no need to wiggle it or anything snake eats funny he pets his food when it is dead very cute all the time... until we get to the little arms on both sides of his mouth it was petty bad the white on him went red .. I thought he was choking if that's even possible?. . He's all rolling him self not to rap the mouse just around like an alligator or something so I think got to get it out and thin before I can tweas the mouse's tail ..there is blood ... it was the mouse.. but.. well ... I like to laugh at my self. . After that he got it down ... I'm shur it was fully defrosted even a bit warm and not just out side it was squishy when I checked even held it a bit till I was shur it was completely warm.. I can totally see why people would only feed live ... should I have feed smaller frozen .. or ... take the arms off ... lol ... jk... what is better live or pre-killed and what's the best way to do pre-killed
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  2. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    The snakes mouth is built to stretch like that. Its fine. I would advise to get you a pair of long hemostats to feed with, other wise the snake may hit YOU instead of the food.
    Its DEFINATELY better to feed pre-killed. No chance of either you or your snake getting injured.

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