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Possible Scale Rot?

Discussion in 'Herp Health' started by sapphier123, Nov 15, 2014.

  1. sapphier123

    sapphier123 New Member

    Hello everyone I am new to this site and I actually registered because I think my boa may have something weird going on. I have noticed certain orange scales that weren't there before I don't know if it's just her natural color change or if she may have scale rot. her enclosure is a 75 gallon aquarium with ecoearth coconut fiber substrate and some Aspen bedding on the cool side. She seems to like the cool side a lot more especially burrowing underneath substrate. usually the temperatures are around 85 to 90 on the hot side and 70 to 76 on the cool side. I've done a lot better about keeping the cool side above 75 degrees, however living in Moscow Idaho has made it a little more difficult to maintain proper temperature. I have one ceramic heat emitterthat keeps the ambient temperature above 80. there is a large reptile heat mat under the heat emitter that provides a hotspot of 90 to 95 degrees. the humidity here is easier to control than it was in New Mexico but I still seem to be below 60 % most of the time but not bellow 50. I'm a little worried that she likes to burrow in her Aspen bedding most of the time but when I check her body temperature with a surface thermometer shes always around 73-74 degrees with the bedding around her at 76 degrees. I put a lot of sphagnum moss in her warm side with the soil to make it look more Jungley and even crafted a sort of log with it and popsicle sticks that I water to provide humitidy. The orange scales and block spots seem to be more pronounced closer to the tailand I am also unsureabout the yellow tinge on her back but im hoping maybe its just the natural color progression.

    If anyone can provide any sort of direction I would certainly appreciate it very much. I aleady had one little one die on me and it was the worst experience. I really want to make sure this one is happy and healthy.

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  2. sapphier123

    sapphier123 New Member

    20141115_154435~2-picsay.jpg *update* i just noticed this and i have never seen it before. Can anyone help please???

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