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Playtime with the Big Girl

Discussion in 'Herp Photos' started by Dragoness, Aug 28, 2013.

  1. Dragoness

    Dragoness Elite Member

    Today was beautiful, so we decided to take Akasha, our boa, outside for some stretch/exercise time in the backyard.

    She is kinda clumsy, and has little interest in "holding on" to the person carrying her - which is totally unlike my other snakes, who will all hold on to keep from falling. I'm not sure if she just isn't much of a people snake, or would just prefer to be on the ground, since she is so heavy. At any rate, if we aren't very careful, she will let her rear end just fall, and smack onto whatever surface is underneath - which can't feel good, and has potential to do damage. And of course, if she got hurt, she would blame me (with her teeth).

    At any rate, keeping her up was too much work, so we let her stretch out on the ground, just not allowed too close to any trees, fences, property lines, etc. Stayed right with her, don't want trouble.

    She did really well. There must be a hundred intriguing scents in our yard that she wanted to pursue (rabbit, groundhog, cat, deer, squirrel, etc. ) and though she clearly wanted to explore, she didn't have any tantrums when she was not allowed to freely do so.

    Pardon the blur, my husband is a horrible with a camera.
    8.28.13 005.jpg 8.28.13 016.jpg 8.28.13 031.jpg 8.28.13 063.jpg
  2. CryHavoc17

    CryHavoc17 Elite Member

    That is so cool!!! You have a very pretty girl. She seems very sweet. I'm actually strongly considering a BCI for my next reptile, but that won't be for a while
  3. David McConley

    David McConley Elite Member

    She is so cute!! I wish Cayenne was that big. She seems stuck at about 7 feet. Of course the Burms are great at growing, Ramses is about 13 feet and Isis is about 8 feet. I believe she will stay small. She has only grown about a foot and a half since I have had her.
  4. JoeyG

    JoeyG Subscribed User Premium Member

    Very nice pics Jen, of both of you! She looks to have a good size and healthy looking! Hey what are the gloves for? ;) I hesitate to take my large female out more and she's a lot smaller then yours :)
  5. JSqueezer

    JSqueezer Elite Member

    Beautiful! Absolutely beautiful girl!!!
  6. Dragoness

    Dragoness Elite Member

    The gloves are because she has a track record of being very bipolar. I suppose they don't really matter much, because she has never actually bitten my hands, lol.

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