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Playing Possume or Something in the water?

Discussion in 'Water Dragons' started by Ace, Oct 8, 2004.

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  1. Ace

    Ace Elite Member

    I dont know if anyone has read the thread labled venustus about my poor lil fishy....but this ties into what happened with puff and I thought that It was better in this catagorey!

    Last night I ran Puff some bath water like I always do, left the room to grab his water bowl so I can clean it up in the bathroom next too him and my sister came in to tell me puff was under the water not breathing! I freaked especially cause of the fish now Puff has played possume once before but it wasnt like this!

    I took him out of the cage and layed him down, he opened his mouth and began breathing heavy he was dark brown, couldnt move and could hardly breath I ran him to the vet immedently about 30 mins later he could walk kind of well and started to get some energy! It took about 3 hrs to get him back to looking even normal!

    The vet says that she thinks he was playing possume but considering the fish and the way he was acting I think otherwise. He was tired this morning but other than that he looked ok! What does everyone think please I need to find out what is going on!
  2. venus

    venus Founding Member

    Ace, how deep was the water you had him in? Could he touch? I noticed when I ran the water too deep for OZ, he would flip on his back. I was told that when they do this, their lungs collapse and they cant breath. This maybe what happened to Puff.
  3. Ace

    Ace Elite Member


    He could reach.......I just cant figure this out :confused:
  4. venus

    venus Founding Member

    I am at a loss, just keep and eye on him and keep us posted. :eek:
  5. Jay DeMore

    Jay DeMore Elite Member

    Has the fire department bled your hydrants lately? When they do this it stirs up all the chlorine and minerals in the lines and the water becomes unsafe for man or animal for about 2 days. I always run my water through a Brita filter before it goes to an animal.
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