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Plant Light Same As Uv Light?

Discussion in 'Water Dragons' started by Absofbeer, Nov 19, 2015.

  1. Absofbeer

    Absofbeer Member

    Moved it once more, it is now 12" from landing. If that isn't close enough than I'll have to put a rock for it to climb up on.
  2. murrindindi

    murrindindi Elite Member

    Because the UVB tubes you`re using are so weak in comparison to natural unfiltered sunlight (and the T5 tubes I mentioned earlier), the tube needs to be within around 6 to 8 INCHES from the surface of the lizard for even a small amount of UVB to reach.
    There would be very little risk of the animal burning itself even if it touched the tube because they only give off a relatively small amount of heat. There would also be very little risk of the basking heat bulb damaging the tube if it was closer because it`s housed in a bulb holder (obviously the holder will get quite hot but again, not enough to damage the tube unless it was actually touching it).
    Edit: It would be extremely easy to fix a few sturdy branches in place so the lizard could access both heat and UVB without needing to sit on the plywood shelves (nothing wrong with them as perches).
  3. Majrab1389

    Majrab1389 Member

    I would definitely seal the inside, otherwise you're wasting your money. As far as bulbs go you will need a mix (depending on your home environment).
    My enclosure is a 6x4x2 (PVC, not plywood), I have a custom background and have love plants in there as well.
    For lighting I bought quad fixtures from lightyourreptile with 12% Arcadia UV bulbs (for the needed UV), plant pro bulbs, and day bulbs. For heat I use ceramic heat emitters (where I am can drop to 60•F so I can't have a bulb with light on at night (it will mess with their sleep cycle).
    So far the 150watt ceramic heat emitter is doing its job. If I need more heat I'd either get a higher watt CHE or add another to the enclosure.
    As far as having more than one it's best to keep one per enclosure as its safer and better for new water dragon owners to learn everything before adding another water dragon into the mix.
    I have two in one enclosure (a male and a female, non breeding). So I have two 6x4x2 enclosures. I separate them during breeding seasons, if they have a bad morning, or incase one gets sick.
    It's best to keep them individually but even if you do put more than one in that size enclosure you will need I have another full size anyway just incase.
    So unless you've got the money and time to set up two FULL size enclosures it's best to stick with one dragon at a time.
    Also, if you in the future go down the path of owning more than one don't put two males together. I have yet to hear of two males getting along. I have a male and female (however I am home 80% of the time) and I slowly introduced them over the course of 3-5 months.
    I have heard that it's easier on the female if you have a male to put more than one female in the enclosure so during breeding seasons the male doesn't beat up the female but this would require an enclosure size of, well, at least a while bedroom.
    Also you need to have multitasking spots for multiple dragons.
    It's hard to keep more than one, it's expensive and takes up a lot of space. Hahaha
    I don't recommend getting two regardless of the sexes.

    I'm new but wanted to add my two cents.
    How did everything turn out?

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