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Pictures of Mr. Kipling

Discussion in 'Corn Snakes' started by Evozakira, Jan 2, 2012.

  1. Kernel

    Kernel Elite Member

    Let me know if you want help deciding which morph to pair him up with (asuming you want to breed)
  2. Evozakira

    Evozakira Elite Member

    Id to breed him in a year or so down the road once i know where im moving to. I would like pictures of your breeding process this spring :) maybe one of your babies will become the mate later
  3. Evozakira

    Evozakira Elite Member

    As for the morph i want next is a blood red one
  4. Evozakira

    Evozakira Elite Member

    I just got a text. Mr kiplong died :(
  5. mld

    mld Subscribed User Premium Member

    This is aweful, so sorry! Do you know what happened, or if there were any signs?

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