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PetSmart Crickets Maggots

Discussion in 'Feeders' started by KapteeniAnu, Oct 23, 2013.

  1. KapteeniAnu

    KapteeniAnu Elite Member

    I meant to post this a while back when it had happened, but , that didn't quite happen.

    I just wanted to share with everyone an experience I had with PetSmart crickets. (I usually buy from petco, because all of their other reptile stuff is cheaper, and both stores are in the same plaza.)

    To the story now.

    I went into Petsmart to buy a scooper as Petco ran out of them, looked around a bit and noticed they were having a sale on cricket keepers, so I bought two more. (Keep in mind I've got a Beardie and two Leos.)

    And bought 150 crickets, which isn't too much more than I usually do. When I asked a worker about their crickets they went to go get 'em for me. I had thought it was strange that they moved their cricket container into the back room where they refrigerate their mealies and such, but said the **** with it and waited for the guy to come back. Went home, and started emptying the crickets into their cages. I noticed that some of the eggshell cartons were damp and just assumed it was because they were in that colder room. Let them gut load for about two days and noticed a few dead crickets in each cage. Thinking nothing of it, (assuming their life span was up, as I seemed to experience a lot since switching to large crickets) I pulled out a black tube from the cricket cage and began shaking some crickets into my Beardies cage. She looked at them briefly as some dead fell out, and a live one or two. However, she jumped down off of her climbing tree and just stared at them, including the dead ones and scattered legs. (I damage their back legs so they aren't as quick and can't escape very far.) And I was looking around to see where the live ones scattered off to. Then, I spotted in the corner of my eye, one of the severed cricket legs wiggling. So i thought to myself, what one Earth? Upon more careful examination, there was a maggot wiggling about inside the leg. I cringed.. The last I had to deal with maggots was when I had ferrets, and the ferrets decided to load up their refillable feeder dish with feces, and the flies immediately found an, ahem, 'warm' loving home. I looked at the other two cricket cages quickly, in a panic, looking over at Immaculata (Mackie) to ensure she was still uninterested in the horrid scene. One cricket cage was perfectly fine, not moist, no dead bodies. The one I had taken the tube from, and upon shaking the cage up spilling their water cube dish, noticed all of these brownish colored cricket corpses. Also wriggling with maggots. The third cage, upon more carefully investigating, a few corpses here and there, but upon shaking the tubes, maggots maggots everywhere. I checked on Mackie again and started scraping the cricket bodies out of the tubes. My god it was disgusting. I called my brother in for help to get Mackie out of her cage. (She is one feisty lizard, and has bitten me MANY a time.) So we scooped her up and got her out, in a white bucket and let her sit outside in the sun for a while. (Was about 80 out, and sunny.) Carried to 55gallon tank outside and emptied its contents into a garbage bag and bleached out the cage and sanitized and tossed mackie under some heat lamps in my tiny spare 20 gallon.

    Moral of the story? Make sure you investigate the crickets while they scoop them out at the store. I called PetSmart the next day and asked them about it. Several other reported buying mostly zombie crickets, and it turned out that that was the day they were themselves cleaning out the infestation they had some how encountered... That's the last time I trust a random floor person to EVER get me crickets. I haven't bought crickets from there since... Scarred me to death, and god did I near lose my stomach several times while cleaning out all of those cricket cages...

    I apologize for the long rant, but I wanted to share that with everyone.
  2. jdandlucy

    jdandlucy Elite Member

    weather for an hour max. i got them inside and noticed something was wrong right then. around 250 crickets where dead or dying. with 2 bearded dragons and a juvi leopard gecko 750 crickets should last me 2 weeks. by monday i was down to less than 400 crickets. i went out of town monday night and when i came home on thursday morning all crickets where dead, with a note from my neighbor who took care of my lizards. " do not open with out PPE " the bin had such a stink it went outside. after a run to petsmart to get some emergency feeders, i went to clean the bin. i opened the bin and the bottom was crawling with maggots. the bin was cleaned on monday. all dead removed, food and water replaced. scrubbed top to bottom. then new egg crates put in. i looked in the bin for some clues. i could not see anything. most of the crickets looked fine all legs, no holes, just fat like they where gut loaded. i seen one slightly alive with a plump belly. i grabed it to release the pressure in its belly. what came out was not food, but more maggots. how is that possable?
  3. KapteeniAnu

    KapteeniAnu Elite Member

    Yup, sounds like my experience.

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