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Petey is Slowly Growing

Discussion in 'Tortoises' started by activelydying, May 18, 2013.

  1. activelydying

    activelydying Well-Known Member

    This is Petey. Ive had him for about a year now and he was a few months old when I got him. He's slowly growing and I would like to say thanks to the folks on here for helping me learn more about him so he can. :)


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  2. Thalatte

    Thalatte Elite Member

    What is his food and water schedule like?
  3. activelydying

    activelydying Well-Known Member

    I am feeding him a mixture of collard,mustard and kale. I also add to that grasses that I grew that are close to a natural diet for them. The mixture is about 75/25, with the majority being the grasses. Once a week I add a vitamin supplement to his food. I let him soak in a large container every other day for 15 to 20 min. Am I doing everything ok?
  4. VaranusDragon74

    VaranusDragon74 Active Member

    Sounds like you're doing fine. Sulcatas grow slowly, takes close to ten years..
    My lil' guy "Goliath" is slightly bigger than a handball... Only 8-9 years, to go :'(
  5. Thalatte

    Thalatte Elite Member

    image.jpg I am not concerned too much on his growth rate so much as the pyramiding that is developing. Yes sulcatas grow at dofferent rates for instance my 2 were the size of a half dollar when i got them in december of 2011. Now maynard is the size of a tennis ball and teagers is the size of a softball even though they get the exact same care and maynard eats way more than Teagers- teagers grew much faster.
    What is his cage currently set up with?

    If you could get some dandelion or birdseed to grow directly in his cage for him to forage himself that would be great. Mazuri is going to be your best friend so you should get him started on it now! You can find it at most feed stores. My feed store charges $34 for 25 lbs which lasts a long time. When you need to medicate the tort for any reason you just make a small small pile of soaked mazuri put the meds in the middle and Tada! No wrestling with the tort to get their head out and jaw open just to jam meds down their throats (imagine doing this with a 100lb tort that has a strong beak!). You do need to start the torts young to get them to initially accept the mazuri but it quickly becomes a favorite. For supplements this is the best one I have found to use: Sticky Tongue Minerall INDOOR formula it has a lot of minerals that they need and captive care doesn't generally provide (wild desert torts get these minerals from consuming rocks and sulcatas generally get it from eating poo and since we don't offer this in captivity...). I have noticed that since I switched supplements my sulcatas don't eat nearly as much dog poo as they used to.
    Also while a baby (if your not providing a humid enclosure) soak once a day for 10min.
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